Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program

The highest broker certification that exists and the most widely recognized distinction in the transportation industry. 

Online Study Course begins on July 2nd, 2018; On September 29th, 2018, the CTB Exam is administered

Register for the June 30th exam here if you're enrolled in the April 2nd course.

Purchase the required textbook, Foundations of Business, 5th Edition

The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program was specifically developed by TIA to increase the professionalism and integrity of the freight brokerage industry, meet the educational needs of brokers, and expand basic knowledge of the brokerage and transportation industry through a rigorous certification program. 

Designed as a online home study and exam program, the CTB, provides you with real business intelligence: 

  • General business principles every broker should understand including marketing, accounting and finance, and risk management
  • Traffic management including making the shipment, claims, fleet, and international traffic management
  • Contracts and pricing your transportation services
  • The regulatory environment
  • Legal cases and statutes in transportation for back solicitation, double payment, Workers' Compensation, and damage claim issues and much more.

$1,050 for TIA Members 
$1,375 for non-members 
Questions? Please contact us at education@tianet.org

Register your team. Take advantage of volume discounts. 

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