Selling Strategies that Turn your Company into a Brokerage Based 3PL
Brokerage leaders want more contractual relationships to build revenue and volume growth, but struggle to achieve this goal. Join us on June 20-22nd at 2pm Eastern to discover a transformative and proven approach to building your business.

The Harsh Realities of 3PL Sales in the 21st Century: Sales Tips that ease (but not eliminate) the Pain!
The world of 3PL selling in 2017 is far different than in 1997. The number of 3PL’s has proliferated and technology has completely reshaped the landscape. Additionally, margin pressure and continued commoditization have combined to make sales more difficult than ever before. This seminar is designed to provide a series of detailed sales behaviors and tips that will help ease the stress of the demanding nature of a 3PL sales position.

Who should participate?
* CEO’s of small 3PL firms
* Sales Managers
* Sales Coaches and Trainers
* 3PL sales representatives

Learning Objectives:
* The harsh mathematics of a 3PL sales rep in today
* The realities of selling in the 21st century for a 3PL sales rep
* Five sales rep behaviors that are making your job HARDER than it needs to be
* Thirteen sales rep behaviors that will reduce the strain of being a 3PL sales rep