Sales Recruiting and Interviewing Strategies for 3PLs

Salespeople are the lifeblood of your business.  However, the task of recruiting and interviewing salespeople is one of the greatest challenges for 3PLs.  Research findings have discovered that most firms “just wing it.” The number of 3PL’s has proliferated and the competition for sales talent is fiercer than ever.  Come learn how to build a top-notch sales recruiting program, insure a consistent stream of strong recruits from Universities and Colleges, screen sales candidate resumes, and most importantly interview sales candidates for your 3PL. 

Who should participate?

                        *          CEO’s of small 3PL firms

                        *          Chief Operating Officers

                        *          Directors of Operations

                        *          Sales Managers


Webinar Learning Objectives

1.      Learn how to work with Universities to get the best Job Prospects

2.      Review the steps of the Recruiting Process

3.      Learn the skills that predict a salesperson’s success.

4.      Learn how to screen resumes effectively

5.      Learn the steps of the Interviewing Process

6.      Learn how to build a multi-attribute sales interview screening model

7.      Learn how to evaluate and grade answers sales candidates.

Presenters: Dr. Jim Kenny

Tuesday, March 20th through Thursday, March 22nd
2:00 PM ET – 3:00 PM ET each day
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