F A Qs


1. Why should I become a TIA member?

TIA is the only non profit association focused on the needs of the 3PL industry. As a member of TIA you will have access to a resource that can assist with every aspect of your business from relationships with your peers to learning about ways to avoid problems before they happen as well as having access to training tools for you and your employees. For additional information contact our membership department at (703) 299-5700.

2. How do I start a brokerage?

Starting a new brokerage must be done with great care as this will be the foundation of your new business. There are forms to complete, $75,000 bond or trust fund, processing agents – and those are just the beginning.  TIA has designed the “Brokerage in a Box” to assist you with everything you need plus the only course in the industry developed by 3PL subject matter experts. Learn more

3. Can anyone use the TIA model agreements?

The TIA Model Agreements are available to TIA members only.

4. How do I apply for membership in FIATA?

In order to be eligible for FIATA membership, you must first be a TIA member. If you are already a TIA member please fill out this form and send it to TIA for approval. We will then send it back to you signed and stamped.

5. How do I file a complaint against one of your members?

If you feel one of our members have violated the code of ethics, you can file a TIA ethic's complaint using this form this form. Simply fill it out and fax it to (703) 836-0123 Attn: Ethics Committee.

6. What do I do if my load is re-brokered?

TIA members can create accounts and file reports on TIA Watchdog.

7. What do I do if my load is held hostage?

TIA members can create accounts and file reports on TIA Watchdog.

8. How can I obtain TIA Watchdog access?

Go to www.tiawatchdog.com and click on “Request an Account”, accounts are only given to members.