TIA PAC Contribution


To donate, text TIAPAC to 243725 (BidPal)


As the leader for the third-party logistics industry, we can and should be a leader in advocating your point of views in the political arena to help effect public policy solutions – the mission of our Political Action Committee and Government Affairs Department is to identify issues of importance to the industry and then inform Members of Congress and Federal Agency officials to make sure that your point of view related to these issues is clearly understood.  Our Political Action Committee – TIAPAC is an essential tool in achieving our mission.

TIAPAC is a bipartisan political action committee, which enables our members and their employees to have a voice with legislators who make laws and policy that have a direct impact on the way your company does business.  Its purpose is to collect voluntary personal contributions from eligible members and then use these funds to support candidates for federal office in accordance with applicable election laws.

In order to be as effective as we need to be, and to make sure we are as visible as our counterparts, who have much larger political action committees, we need each member to contribute.

Please contact Chris Burroughs at (703) 299-5705 or burroughs@tianet.org.

**Federal Election Commission laws state that an individual may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year. Corporate contributions are strictly prohibited. Political Action Committees may not accept contributions from non-U.S. Citizens. All donations are not tax deductible.