Agent Onboarding AKA New Independent Contractor Course

For both inexperienced and experienced brokerage professionals.

With TIA’s know-how, this course is designed to provide a powerful understanding of the many intricacies of a profitable third-party brokerage logistics operation to successfully serve its customers.

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non-members. Contact for volume discounts.

Program duration: 8 hours

Course modules include:

 Introduction to the world of the independent contractor

- The advantages and disadvantages of becoming an independent contractor
- The difference between the key roles of brokers and independent contractors

 How it All Works

- Responsibilities of carriers, shippers, and brokers
- Understanding the transportation legal documentation, including the Bill of Lading

 Marketing and Sales

Important terms, concepts, and techniques for marketing as an independent contractor.

- Understand and learn to apply basic sales and marketing practices to an independent contracting business
- Receive simple steps and suggestions aimed at enhancing the ability of the independent contractor business to identify target markets, practice effective communications, properly plan for a sales encounter, execute the sales process, close the sale, and follow up with customers


The Broker’s and Independent Contractor’s Job

- The role a broker plays in serving the transportation marketplace
- Understand the different tasks brokers and independent contractors must complete in order to accomplish their jobs
- Receive examples of how brokers effectively match freight to be hauled with freight services providers
- Information on transportation rates, calculations of appropriate broker price, and how to negotiate with customers


- Define ethical business practices, illustrate the impact ethical behaviors have on the successful operation of a transportation broker.
- Receive examples of ethical and unethical business behavior, and discussions regarding the impacts of ethical practices on business relationships, and compliance with legal and regulatory statutes such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Your Office Operations:  the day-to-day necessaries

This module discusses of running an independent contractor business. Students completing this course will:

- Understand what equipment, software, and knowledge are necessary for the successful operation of an independent contractor business
- Receive information on key internal and external resources available to an independent contractor office, and how to find, build, and foster those resources for maximum benefit


Load Assignment

This module discusses the processes involved in assigning loads. Students completing this module will:

-Understand the process of assigning a load, and the important elements of information required for successful load assignment operations
-Understand how to troubleshoot and effectively correct any shipments not in accordance with the prescribed plan
-Understand how to define your customer, including who your customer is and how, or when, you may need to alter that relationship

Course Details:

- Get the same great information and skill-building benefits you’d receive in a live webinar or seminar, delivered by one of our top trainers, with the convenience of learning online, anytime you want.
- Includes a post-quiz for each module, and a comprehensive course exam.
- Courses are available to you within 24 hours of receiving your paid enrollment and a confirmation email will be sent to you with your login details.

The price for this on-demand course is for a single user; if you are interested in group pricing, contact TIA for more information,

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