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"You guys have just been the best!  Sincerely, I've spoken to a couple of people there, all cordial and willing to help.  We were just discussing the organization last week, already, we've found a great deal of value!"

Kindest regards,

Sandra Britt, New World Transportation Services

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TIA membership dues are paid on an annual basis.

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Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) membership is held by the company. Membership dues are non-refundable and are billed annually on a calendar-year period.

There are three membership categories:


Membership is open to companies whose principal business is arranging transportation of freight as a third party. Dues are based on the annual revenue of the company.


The Associate category is open to suppliers, shippers and carriers interested in third-party transportation services who are not actively engaged in providing such services as regular members. Dues are based on the annual revenue of the company.

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TIA offers its members free monthly webinars on topics that affect you and your business every day.

These hands-on events cover topics like insurance, regulatory changes, cash flow management, and more, and provide you the opportunity to interact with some of the most successful leaders of the transportation broker industry.