TIA Member Recognition

TIA Samaritan Award

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) 3PL Samaritan Award recognizes a member for exceptional service and assistance to others in need.  The recognized service or assistance can take any form, from volunteering logistical support to providing manpower, resources, or financial support to others in need; sponsoring sporting events; providing scholarships; hiring disabled people; or other areas.  The purpose of the award is to recognize the good works in which the 3PL industry engages by highlighting a specific 3PL Samaritan effort each year.

An overview of the Samaritan Award process

Any TIA Member or Associate or their employees.

Process: A TIA member can nominate itself, another TIA member company, individuals, or organizations.  The nomination should outline the charitable activity, providing sufficient detail for the committee to select one award recipient.  A committee of TIA members will then review the nominations and make a recommendation to the TIA Foundation Board of Directors. The TIA Foundation Board will make the final selection during its summer meeting.  Contact Cindy Amos at amos@tianet.org for access to the online application.

The TIA 3PL Samaritan Award at the annual Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition. The recipient will be compensated for travel and their hotel stay.  The recipient can designate a charity to receive funds raised by the Annual TIA Foundation Charity Fun Run at the Conference.