Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain Q119

Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain Q119
Take the initiative with this internet based course to enhance your sales team's skills by learning basic marketing principles, sales concepts and exposing common mistakes made by brokerage salespeople. Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain (PSSC) has been specifically created to address the unique characteristics of selling in the third-party brokerage field. The course combines a printed text with online assignments, study guides, videos and quizzes - all created to improve the sales skills of personnel in brokerage sales. Registration is $525 for members and $625 for non-members. Throughout this course, you will learn to:  Build Partnering Relationships Prospect for New Sales Plan & Make Sales Calls Respond to Prospect Objections Build Long-Term Relationships Understand Buying Behavior and the Buying Process Recognize Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling PSSC is different than the usual sales course, which emphasizes efficiency, increasing closing percentages, and overcoming objections. The PSSC course preempts objections and stresses effectiveness by developing long-term partnering relationships with shippers and carriers. The emphasis is to stop the mentality of moving a load here and there for someone, and instead focus on a long-term relationship. No transfers or refunds once the course begins.

1/1/2019 - 3/31/2019

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