TIA 2018 Capital Ideas Exhibition

TIA Kiosks Debut at the TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition

The TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition is just around the corner.  We’re expecting another full house with more than 1,300 attendees – 90% of whom will be TIA members, not exhibitors.  Our exhibitors tell us that they see more customers at the TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition than at all the other shows they attend the rest of the year!  Unfortunately, we are out of traditional booths, but we have an option for you to reach the largest gathering of 3PLs each year.

TIA is introducing a kiosk program this year to give interested organizations an opportunity to exhibit at the largest brokerage-based event of the year.  We are offering a limited number of kiosks that will be set in the West Foyer (adjacent to the exhibit hall) of the hotel equipped with one (1) 48” monitor and professional signage with your company logo allowing one representative to share company information and demonstrations during the exhibit portion of the conference.  The kiosks will be in the same area as the TIA Learning Lounges and networking area.  The TIA Kiosks are a great way to explore the TIA experience and educate TIA conference attendees about your product or service.  Reserve a TIA Kiosk, bring your laptop to show your product on the screen, materials, and pack your bags.

Click here to see the TIA Kiosks!


  • Kiosks are “live” during exhibit hours only
  • One representative per kiosk
  • Organizations will provide their own laptop computers for each kiosk
  • One (1) 48” monitor with one (1) HDMI connection
  • Kiosks will be confirmed as reservations and payment in full is received
  • Pop-up banners, table throws and table top exhibits are not allowed at the kiosk

For more information please contact Valerie Sumner at vsumner@vrsevents.com.

Review the Floor Plan, Prospectus, and Priority Points.

Certificates of Insurance
Reminder: COI’s will be due from all exhibitors and kiosk purchasers on or before February 1, 2018, naming TIA as an additional certificate holder.  
Address for the certificates:
1625 Prince St, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314

Please send your COI to Deb Winchester at dwinchester@vrsevents.com
The limit guidelines requested:
General Liability $1 million each occurrence
Personal injury $1 million
General Aggregate - $2 million
Auto $1 million
Workman’s comp $1 million

$2 million each occurrence
Aggregate $2 million
If you do not have a general liability policy in place, TIA has made arrangements so that all of our exhibitors can acquire this coverage at significant savings from Rainprotection Insurance. Please click here to for the Rainprotection Insurance Form.

4/9/2018 - 4/10/2018

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