The In’s and Out’s of Compensation for Brokers

Brokerage organization structures and compensation plans are constantly evolving to meet changing business demands, variations in economic cycles, and company growth demands.  From cradle to grave to functionally separate roles, there are many ways to organize a brokerage for growth, and many different compensation options that go with the different structures.  This 3 part seminar will take you through some of the more common organization structures and compensation alternatives in use by today’s top brokers.


Day 1:  Organization Structures

We will look at different organization structure options, from cradle to grave to pods to discrete functions, and consider under what circumstances each option is most appropriate and how one might evolve from one structure to another.


Day 2:  Compensation 101

Understanding compensation terminology and the methods used to develop incentive plans (and salary structures) is a critical first step to managing your compensation plans and their associated costs.  During today’s session we will review compensation basics and the steps you MUST go through when setting up or revising an incentive compensation plan.  Skipping these basics and diving right into detailed design is a sure fire recipe for disaster.


Day 3: Detailed Design Options

From commissions to goal-based incentives and matrices, banks, bounties, KPIs and MBOs and everything in between, there are literally thousands of different ways to calculate incentive pay.  This session will go through some of the options most commonly used by top performing brokers and talk about how you can integrate some of the additional choices into your incentive plan to make sure you are getting the balanced focus you need for long-term success.

5/22/2018 - 5/24/2018

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