A Broker's Introduction To Intermodal Transportation

A Broker's Introduction To Intermodal Transportation
A Broker's Introduction to Intermodal Transportation was jointly developed by several of TIA’s railroad associate members.  There are actually five Major Railroads who are active in TIA.  Their participation and investment is proof of their interest in wanting to do business with TIA Members.  It is a great time in Intermodal to get on board and this course can help you catch that train. Registration is $400 for members and $525 for non-members. The eight week on-line course will teach participants about:

 - The differences between Class I, Regional, and Local rail services, and the advantages and disadvantages they each bring to intermodal transportation

 - An explanation of the intermodal process from start to finish, particularly the broker’s role in coordinating other players, and what to reasonably expect from the process

 - The customs requirements for transborder freight set down by Canadian and Mexican authorities

 - Understanding key concepts of the process of selling intermodal transportation
4/2/2018 - 6/30/2018
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