Marketing Transportation Brokerage Services

Marketing Transportation Brokerage Services
This course is targeted at those interested in learning more about how to market transportation brokerage services. The heart of the course is the book Marketing Transportation Brokerage Services, specifically written for this course. The timing for the course is right, according to Dr. John Drea, one of the co-authors of the text. "As competition increases for loads and carrier capacity, it's important to approach marketing as a strategic activity that can contribute immediately to the bottom line," said Drea. "We've tried to focus on concepts that are critical to marketing brokerage services, without getting bogged down in terminology and concepts that aren't relevant to brokerage."  Learn how to:

• Create Customer Satisfaction
• Target Buyers
• Develop Your Own Marketing Strategy
• Conduct Market Research
• Target Supply Chain Buyers
• Understand the Buyers of Brokerage Services
• Take a Strategic Approach to Promote Your Services

The cost of the course is $525 for members and $675 for non-members.  No transfers or refunds once the course begins.

4/2/2018 - 6/30/2018

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