TIA Releases Win-Win-Win Business Relationship Report

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Alexandria, VA (April 12, 2019) – Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) released the highly anticipated report outlining “Creating a Win-Win-Win Business Relationship” between the motor carrier, the shipper, and the 3PL.

“There has been a fundamental shift in the past few years on shippers, motor carriers and 3PLs seeking to provide better service to each other. This report is a great first step on identifying some key insights into what these three parties are looking for to make a successful relationship”, stated TIA’s Vice President of Government Affairs and staff liaison for the Shipper Committee and Council Chris Burroughs.

In November and December of 2018, the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) through its Shipper Committee (compromised of industry leading 3PLs both asset and non-asset based) and Shipper Council (comprised of industry leading logistics and supply-chain management professionals) developed and released a survey that assessed the key factors that shippers, motor carriers and 3PLs look for in a business relationship. There were over 100 responses to the survey including responses from all three segments of the industry. As you might expect there was nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary identified in the survey results, but often the simple things that make the decision in developing a successful business relationship are right in front us and we never see them.

“As the transportation industry has become more and more tech reliant, one thing remains true, the value of the relationship between shippers, carriers and 3PL’s drive the true value of making all the parties successful. This report identifies key factors that define success for all and is an important first step in the committee’s work. I thank all the members of the council and committee and look forward to our continued work to strengthen the win-win-win relationship,” stated Geoff Turner, CTB, President and CEO of Choptank Transport and Chairman of the TIA Shipper Committee.

The survey results outlined in the report tell the key findings and provide a preview into what shippers, motor carriers, and 3PLs are looking for in Creating a Win-Win-Win Business Relationship that mutually benefits everyone involved.

“The TIA Shipper Council is proud to present the results of our survey and key factors to building multi-faceted relationships. As a newly formed council representing the voice of the shipper, we wanted to go beyond ‘shipper of choice’ and address attributes of all stakeholders in the value chain to truly build win-win-win business relationships. I’m grateful for the opportunity this past year to chair the council and work on this project,” stated Jacqueline E. Bailey, North American Regional Lead, Transportation & Logistics for Cargill and Chairwoman of the TIA Shipper Council.

Following the survey, interviews were conducted with representatives from all three industry segments to gain additional insights on the dynamics of relationships that yield mutually beneficial outcomes.

To access the Win-Win-Win Business Relationship Report click here. 






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