TIA Joins Business Leaders Urging USMCA Passage

On July 23, TIA joined with over 500 business and industry groups to urge Congress to pass the new USMCA trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. USMCA updates the over two-decade-old North American Free Trade Act, or NAFTA, to better reflect the trade realities of increasingly digitized economies. To view the final letter to Congressional leaders, click here.

TIA members move thousands of loads across the northern and southern borders of the United States every day, enabling commerce that accounts for nearly $3.8 billion in trade every day and supports 12 million American jobs. TIA’s support of USMCA and the position of this broad coalition of business interests highlights a simple truth: one cannot be pro-business and anti-North American trade. Bipartisan action is needed in Congress to approve the newly negotiated trade deal.

The new USMCA agreement strengthens and updates the previous North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was negotiated over a quarter-century ago when the economy moved more slowly, computers covered whole desks, and business was conducted by phone and fax. USMCA meets the challenges of an always-on digital economy that moves at the speed of light, and includes important protections for digital services, intellectual property, and provides a framework for cooperation against cyber threats. When Congress approves the new agreement, small businesses will be guaranteed market access to critically important trading partners. Digital innovators will be guaranteed stronger protections against counterfeiting and piracy. Modernized customs procedures will ensure the painless and speedy movement of goods across borders.

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