VILT = Virtual Instructor-Led Training | LL = Virtual Lunch & Learn Webinar | MBW = Member Benefits Webinar | ADV = TIA Advantage Program Webinar

ADV: Cyber Risk & Awareness

Join TIA and Roanoke for a conversation on risk, strategy, and best practices when it comes to Cyber exposure for employees at home, in the office, and on the phone. […]

LL: Applying Machine Learning in Freight Logistics

An executive introduction to machine learning, common uses in the industry, and tips to scale data science within your organization. PRESENTED BY: Jacky Zhao - Director of Data Science,

VILT: Modes (Intermodal Transport)

If COVID has taught us anything, the need to have a diversified business portfolio that utilizes different lanes is key to building resiliency in your business during challenging times. Join […]

LL: How Do You Score Your Carriers?

Without question, every logistics company wants to understand how a given carrier stacks up when evaluating who they seek to cover a load. There are many views on the characteristics […]

LL: How to Build Your Business Intelligence

Get a clearer picture of the road ahead by building an enterprise-class business intelligence team from the ground up. It starts with just one person. PRESENTED BY: Ken Adamo - […]

VILT = Virtual Instructor-Led Training | LL = Virtual Lunch & Learn Webinar | MBW = Member Benefits Webinar | ADV = TIA Advantage Program Webinar

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