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Support the National Hiring Standard Legislation

TIA Presents Leadership Awards

The lead legislative sponsors on the Transportation & Logistics Hiring Reform Act recognized by the third-party logistics industry.


TIA awarded both Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Congressman John Duncan (R-TN/2nd) the 2017 TIA 3PL Congressional Leadership Award.


Senator Fischer and Congressman Duncan have been the champions for the industry and lead sponsors on the Transportation & Logistics Hiring Reform Act, which would create a national hiring standard that would simplify and ensure a Federal standard for the hiring of safe motor carriers. The legislation would enhance interstate commerce and promote safety within the transportation marketplace.


Senator Fischer and Congressman Duncan both understand the importance of moving this important legislative measure to the President’s desk because industry stakeholders currently are too often asked to second-guess the FMCSA in determining which carriers are safe to operate. There is not currently any federal standard for duty of care to ensure the selection of motor carriers that meet the necessary minimum requirements to operate on our nation’s highways.


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