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Welcome to the TIA! If you are a shipper who has not yet worked with a broker but are curious, you are in the right place!

Did you know that TIA’s members adhere to a strict code of professional conduct? The TIA Code of Ethics was designed to promote the highest standard of ethics within the 3PL industry. So, if you haven’t yet worked with a broker, there is no time like the present.

Why Shippers Want to Work with TIA Member Brokers

1. Brokers have access to unlimited number of motor carriers.
2. Brokers can protect your company from the risk associated with double brokering, load theft, etc., with its access to Highway/Watchdog and other fraud prevention boards.
3. Brokers provide market analysis for multiple modes across all of North America.
4. Brokers provide up-to-date systems and technology to shippers to quote/select/tender/track/invoice carriers. Systems can also aggregate logistics data and provide “on-demand” or automatic report-outs on the shipper’s logistics activity and the performance levels achieved.
5. Brokers provide access to unlimited “vetted” capacity to handle volume surges caused by seasonal influences, as well as general upticks in business.
6. Brokers provide baseline logistics cost information to let a shipper ascertain their level of market competitiveness.
7. Brokers eliminate “eggs in one basket” scenarios where a shipper becomes captive to a small number of carriers and their rates/service levels.
8. Brokers make the logistics process ‘EASIER” for their clients. Take workloads related to sourcing, tendering, and managing shipment logistics providers off the table.
9. Brokers provide shippers with a “ears to the ground” source of information on industry trends and happenings and also provide consultation on what to expect in the logistics marketplace over time and more importantly how to prepare for it.
10. Brokers provide claims handling expertise and advice to clients in order to mitigate loss & damage situations.

“Shippers use brokers to address marketplace deviations and also for large shippers that need to react quickly to finding transportation to move product in a timely manner for our product or the product could spoil. Brokers also provide shippers the flexibility to react to situations by vetting and onboarding new carriers substantially quicker than a shipper can. Brokers typically have better technology than shippers to analyze and source a larger pool of carriers when market conditions are tight on capacity.”

Robert Savage
Vice President, Transportation & Logistics (N.A.)
Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.
Tricont Trucking Company

Why Shippers Want to Belong to TIA

1. TIA is the trusted voice for the third-party logistics industry.
2. TIA has exclusive membership where members have access to relevant expertise and resources that allow them to make better decisions to drive growth.
3. TIA has been influencing growth and profitability for its member stakeholder through premier business services, ethical recognition and 3PL specific products and resources that provide recognizable returns on member dues investment, which provide a competitive advantage for TIA member companies.
4. TIA protects your business with TIA’ fraud prevention framework to exclusive Highway/Watchdog access to best practice model contracts to lobbying from harmful regulation.
5. TIA keeps you connected and knowledgeable from our flagship Capital Ideas Conference & Expo, exclusive education, research, publications and peer networking for CEOs and their employees. All of TIA’s services and products are designed to improve current operations that result in TIA member companies having a competitive advantage.

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