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Membership in TIA does not just pay for itself, it adds relevant value to your company and your professional development. By joining TIA, you are showing the industry that you mean business, and that you are committed to achieving success for your customers and for your company. With over 1,700-member companies, TIA members range in size from startup freight brokerages to international shipping companies.

Learn why TIA members are stronger, better informed and more deeply connected than their industry peers.


Joining TIA in May 2020, Bellemare Specialized Logistics Corp. is an entity of the Bellemare Group of companies. The Canadian-based Bellemare Group was established in 1959 and in early 2020 they established their first non-asset-based U.S. Brokerage division of Bellemare Specialized Logistics.


Bellemare Specialized is a 3PL with a heavy focus on the transportation of truckload, over-dimensional, heavy haul and superload freight. Their American team focuses on servicing transportation needs throughout the US and Canada.  


With technology and government legislation constantly changing, Bellemare’s new office in the States was eager to join TIA. They hope to work with the TIA’s Highway Logistics Conference and to network with other 3PLs all over North America.  


In the future, Bellemare aspires to be recognized as a vital resource in the movement of oversize shipments in the US and Canada. They would like to utilize their TIA membership to network with other members to help them reach this goal.  

- Bellemare Specialized Logistics, TIA Member

Formed in 2018, Search2Transport began as an independent freight agency for Kopf Logistics. After some time, with assistance from Kopf, they decided to break off and obtain their own authority. President Nick Hamilton has prioritized transparency within his organization, and continues to strive to have clear, open channels of communications with shippers and carriers both. Their goal is to be as transparent with carriers as they are with their customers.  


Hamilton says he flourishes in the 3PL industry because of the day-in and day-out changes that brokers face. In the future, he hopes that technology within the industry will continue to improve, allowing customers to directly track the progress of their shipments.  


TIA appealed to the Search2Transport team for our model contracts and frameworks, but the people behind the association are what really stand out to Hamilton and his team. “Having a bunch of small brokers come together and actually work together...is what I like best about it,” Hamilton said.

- Search2Transport, TIA Member

Based out of Indianapolis, Tradecycle Capital is a supply-side finance company that funds their clients’ payable obligations.  Their unique model is provided on a completely unsecured basis, and therefore may be implemented without disrupting their clients’ banking or factoring relationships.  Although Tradecycle supports companies throughout various industries, their model is highly-applicable to the third-party logistics industry.

Tradecycle was first introduced to the 3PL industry when they were referred to a freight broker that needed additional working capital beyond what was provided by their primary bank.  The broker found that Tradecycle’s solution could be utilized to pay carriers and extend the broker’s payable terms immediately improving cash flow.  Specifically, Tradecycle’s model was used to fund the broker’s QuickPay program.  The broker was able to keep a portion of the QuickPay discount revenue as well as extend their payable terms to Tradecycle.  The extended payable terms allowed the broker to be more aggressive with their shipper terms. 

This proverbial “Win-Win” has driven Tradecycle to focus on the transportation industry and the reason that they have joined the TIA.  By becoming a member, Tradecycle will have the opportunity to learn more about third-party logistics industry and help fund the growth of more brokers.

As a non-bank finance provider, Tradecycle’s team is entrepreneurial in developing customer-centric working capital solutions that meet the needs of their clients.  Tradecycle’s unique model should be a valuable resource for TIA members.

- Tradecycle Capital, TIA Associate Member

Sheltered International is a freight broker that focuses specifically on Customs brokerage, air freight, and ocean cargo. The company focuses on utilizing technology to streamline the brokerage process, by providing quick quotes to those interested in their products and services.  


Andrew, their primary contact with TIA, found that what makes his company special is their technology. They have GIS Tracking of ships all over the world, and other data-collecting systems. They would like to share their products and services with others in the 3PL industry. 


Sheltered International hopes to continue developing technology products and to work with brokers internationally.

- Sheltered International, TIA Member





Regular Membership is open to companies whose principal business is arranging transportation of freight as a third party. Dues are based on the annual revenue of the company.




Associate Membership is open to suppliers, shippers and carriers interested in third-party transportation services who are not actively engaged in providing such services as regular members.


TIA membership not only means you are among the best and the most ethical in the 3PL industry. It also means you have exclusive access to premier resources, information, expertise and networking that will help you achieve growth and profitability. TIA Members enjoy the following benefits and more!


“TIA has provided many benefits for our company. One of the most important benefits to us is the educational opportunities TIA provides. As a small company, we are limited in the amount of training we can provide our employees. To supplement our training, we’ve taken full advantage of the courses offered by TIA, most notably the CTB program. This has allowed us to develop more well-rounded and productive employees.”

- Ken Smith, CTB, Breck Logistics

“TIA has always been a resource for best practices, vendor qualification, and regulatory impacts. Our relationship with TIA allows us to experience our massive and diverse industry from a perspective that stretches above and beyond our demographic footprint.”

- Andrew Lynch, Zipline Logistics

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TIA membership not only means you are among the best and the most ethical in the 3PL industry. It also means you have exclusive access to premier resources, information, expertise and networking that will help you achieve growth and profitability. TIA Members enjoy the following benefits and more!


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