TIA Watchdog

TIA Watchdog is a service provided for members to report information about problems to each other in order to help individuals make informed decisions when selecting companies with whom to work.  This program gives TIA members the ability to quickly alert others of problems and help reduce future negative incidents from occurring that involve TIA members.  Refer to the Terms of Service for details when posting a report.


A TIA member who has run into a problem with a carrier, agent or 3PL can file a report describing the incident at www.tiawatchdog.com.  The company in question is notified of the complaint made against them and given an opportunity to respond to the alleged occurrence.  After 72 hours, the entire report is removed or posted to the site for all our members to see and use this information to help make informed decisions when selecting carriers.


The individual lodging the complaint may report on motor carriers, or companies and individuals posing as motor carriers that have allegedly engaged in one or more of the following:

  • Unauthorized re-brokering of shipments
  • Back-solicited shipper
  • No show and no call
  • In-transit agreement modification
  • Cancelled after accepting the load
  • Theft or unjustified loss of freight
  • Held load hostage
  • Persistent canceling


Members can also report on non-member 3PL’s that have been accused of engaging in one or more of the following actions:

  • Unauthorized brokering of shipment
  • Payment issues
  • Brokers freight without broker or freight forwarder authority
  • Operates without bond or trust fund; and operates under unregistered alias

Members can also report agents who have allegedly engaged in one or more of the following actions:

  • Booking false loads/providing false documents
  • Credit terms violation
  • Failure to perform as agreed on advances
  • Carrier qualification process violations
  • Inflating margins
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