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As TIA continues its efforts to provide a suite of resources to our members and the industry in response to the COVID-19 crisis, we launched TIA’s Virtual Lunch & Learn webinar series.

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET. 

This interactive webinar series provides participants with an opportunity to learn and engage with industry peers during these times of social distancing and teleworking.


Please click to view and download a copy of the September 2020 Lunch & Learn Webinar Series Calendar.

QUESTIONS? Contact TIA's Education Team at or 703.299.5700.

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The Future Is Now: 5 Tips to Improve Your Sales & Marketing Success

The spot market, freight volumes and capacity, volatile fuel prices are factors making 2020 a challenging year for intermediaries. TMSA’s Marketing & Sales Metrics Study will help you figure out how to address these challenges through strategic sales and marketing. This session will:

  • Provide insights on how transportation firms compare to frequently used metrics
  • Highlight emerging trends and best practices in the industry's marketing and sales organizations, budgets, resources, etc.
  • Provide practical tips on how to create a meaningful impact on your business through leading-edge marketing and sales.

Brian Everett - CEO, TMSA


Acquisitions – From a Seller’s Perspective

A view of the acquisition process from the seller’s perspective, including a view on the current brokerage acquisition market, when to sell, determining the correct type of buyer, market multiples, deal structures, and due diligence.

J. Michael Bloss - CEO, Black Belt Transportation Consulting


Everybody wants Warehousing – A guide to Warehouse Risk Management Solutions

Warehousing solutions are in increasing high demand. COVID-19 is driving some of this demand increase along with changes to the just-in-time supply system that have been negatively impacted by the Global Economic Downturn. Everyone in the Logistics Chain is getting requests for Warehousing Services from their client base. Is now the right time for you to consider offering warehousing services? What are the risks associated with Warehousing? How does Warehouse Risk differ from normal Property Broker Risk? This discussion will answer your questions and help you to consider offering Warehousing as a service in the future.
Grant Goldsmith - VP Business Development, Roanoke


Mexico: A Profitable Business Solution

The perception of freight into Mexico can be filled with nightmarish images of stolen goods, hijacked trailers, and interminable delays. The truth is that, through proper partnerships, relevant technology, and the right team, across border freight can be a profitable addition to your suite of logistics services. Join Frederick Ottosen as he separates fact from fiction and outlines a profitable business solution that will help your current customers find a full-service partner in you.

Frederick Ottosen - Sales Manager, The ILS Company


Evaluating Litigation Trends in Understanding and Avoiding Unnecessary Risk Cost as a  Freight Broker

Considering the risk element and cost of our business decisions can make the difference between success or failure in meeting growth and Profit objectives and the ability to sustain and grow the business. This is clear when we consider litigation trends and outcomes and how such outcomes may provide guidance for freight Brokers in all decisions we make, determining our potential liability, the steps to include in the Carrier Selection process, avoiding negligent hire and managing risk in carrier selection, evaluating the Pros and Cons of providing equipment, how to approach intermodal and Rail transit, Shipper Agreements, Carrier Agreements, and understanding the legal roles and liabilities of parties to the logistics transaction: What is insured and what is not?

Michael L. Stoll - Vice President, LOGISTIQ


Automate the Easy Stuff: A Resource-Driven Approach to Workflow

Get more done in less time when you embrace automation. Learn how different tools and ways of thinking can prepare you for the unexpected.

Sarita Benjamin - Director of Products, DAT


Applying Machine Learning in Freight Logistics

An executive introduction to machine learning, common uses in the industry, and tips to scale data science within your organization.

Jacky Zhao - Director of Data Science,


Avoiding Double-Payment Liability to Factors and Merchant Creditors

Rarely, do 3PLs pay the actual carrier they arranged anymore. We all receive Notices of Assignment (“NOA”) from factoring companies and others.  NOAs are a very powerful legal tool.  If not honored, you might end up paying twice. BUT, what if you have NOAs from more than one company for the same carrier – especially these new NOA letters from various “merchant creditors” (different than factoring companies)?  What then? Learn how to determine NOA legal “priorities” in order to avoid having to pay twice.

Justin Olsen, Esq. - VP Legal & Risk Management, CR England Logistics


Balancing Technology, team Building and Processes to Scale

Scaling a freight brokerage takes a balancing act of winning new business, implementing technology, and recruiting the best team. In this panel discussion, you will learn  - What technology is required to get started  - Choices on focusing and building your competitive strengths  - How the organization and processes change based on levels of growth  - Leveraging technology grow margins.

Mark Carroll - Director of Project Strategy, Descartes


How do you score your carriers?

Without question, every logistics company wants to understand how a given carrier stacks up when evaluating who they seek to cover a load. There are many views on the characteristics of the best carriers, and how to score or rank carriers. In this session, we will share how we see different companies approaching this subject of carrier ranking and how they actually use that information every day to influence the way they pick the carriers to offer a load to first.

Randal Sanchez - Solutions Architect, McLeod


How to Build Your Business Intelligence

Get a clearer picture of the road ahead by building an enterprise-class business intelligence team from the ground up. It starts with just one person.

Ken Adamo - Chief of Analytics, DAT


Using International Trade Data to Find New Customers

International trade continues to grow, and all the ocean containers need to get delivered somewhere in the US, most often by truck. How do you identify the biggest opportunities? Are you missing business with your existing customers because you do not have visibility of their import volumes?  Learn how to access international trade data to determine what shippers are using which ports. Get a view of your existing customer's imports to learn about new ports and lanes where you can serve them.

Brian Hodgson - SVP Industry Strategy, Descartes

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