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In the second episode of TIA's Advocacy Insights Podcasts: Advocacy Insights, we hear from TIA's Vice President of Government Affairs Chris Burroughs. Chris discusses recent conversations regarding section 371.3 of Title 49 of the code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR § 371.3).

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TIA’s Advocacy Insights Podcast is hosted by Chris Burroughs, TIA’s Vice President of Government Affairs, and provides TIA Members with updates on TIA’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill, as well as general Congressional and policy updates impacting the 3PL industry. It is an exclusive benefit, available only to TIA Members.

The Advocacy Insights Podcast also features Scott Marks, TIA’s Government Affairs Manager. Together, Chris and Scott serve as guides to TIA Members, navigating the complicated processes and inner-workings of Capitol Hill and cutting through the political jargon – providing clear guidance and real insights.

TIA’s Advocacy Insights Podcast is more than just an update on the efforts of Chris and Scott on Capitol Hill. It also provides TIA Members with valuable information on how they can successfully advocate on behalf of their own business, TIA, and the 3PL industry.

From insights on effectively communicating with congressional offices to distinguishing between permissible and impermissible activities while lobbying, the Advocacy Insights Podcast provides TIA Members with the information and tools they need to become an advocacy wonk – regardless of whether they’re inside or outside the Beltway!

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