TIA Daily COVID-19 Update: March 30th

As TIA continues to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19 and it’s impact on the 3PL and transportation industries, here is your Daily Update for March 30. As a reminder, you can find all the latest information, resources, guidance, and news from TIA’s COVID-19 Response Center.

We seem to have settled into a new normal, with updates and changes coming much less frequently. So, we’ll trim these updates back to once a day unless things heat up again – hopefully not!

We are very excited to be able to offer our new Virtual Lunch & Learn webinar series, every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 PM EDT throughout the crisis. The purpose is to provide you with information and strategies that you can execute immediately to benefit your business. The webinars will be recorded and available on the TIA website.

If you have ideas or suggestions for webinar session topics, let us know.

Please treat these numbers cautiously because they could be influenced by low Sunday accounting. That said, this was a very promising day with decreases in new cases for almost everybody, even the U.S. As a result, the Western Europe and World totals were down as well (shown in the table for the first time).

Among the countries I track, only Denmark and Australia went the wrong way, but Australia has a suspicious Sunday count (or is it Monday there already?). Should these overall numbers repeat for a few days, the contagion has probably turned a corner, at least among the countries that have been suffering for a while.

Not importantly that reaching inflection only means that the problem is roughly half through. It is a necessary precondition to the departure of the bug, but there would be two to three weeks of significant contagion thereafter before the problem is weakened enough to prod governments into removing embargoes.

We can, however, be encouraged by the Swedish example, a government that has chosen to make the majority of its restrictions voluntary. So far, they have not had a worse problem than their Western European counterparts, all of whom have made serious mandatory restrictions. That experiment bears watching. Should it continue to produce similar results, the experience may encourage other governments to relax some restrictions bringing welcome reliefs to their economies.



Avalon Risk Management has issued Risk Management & Coverage Considerations to guide businesses through the COVID-19 crisis.

We provided an update on Friday afternoon from CargoNet about security during the crisis, which you can read in full.

Eric Starks, Chairman & CEO of FTR Transportation Intelligence, is also providing updates, information, and guidance related to the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting crisis, which can be found here.


We’ll be back tomorrow with the day’s latest COVID-19 updates and information.

Please enjoy the theme song from one of my favorite movies, “As Time Goes By” from 1942’s Casablanca.

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