TIA Daily COVID-19 Update: May 22nd

As TIA continues to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19 and it’s impact on the 3PL and transportation industries, here is your Daily Update for May 22. As a reminder, you can find all the latest information, resources, guidance, and news from TIA’s .

In response to ongoing debates in the industry related to the COVID-19 pandemic, TIA has released the following  to its members and the industry at large, calling on all members of the transportation industry – carriers, shippers and brokers – to come together and focus on the issues that have long plagued the industry. Learn more by .


Friday was a mixed day, up in cases week-over-week, down in deaths. Note in the bottom chart on Exhibit 1 that the ratio of deaths to cases has fallen gradually since the death rate peaked around April 20. That decline is a good thing, suggesting either an improvement in health care or a decline in the potency of the bug.

You will see, as always in Exhibit 2, bottom, that the increases in cases come from the states with ‘newer’ contagions, especially the large states in the Sun Belt. We have seen such differentials throughout the spread of COVID-19, as the bug works its way through one population then another. This is why we emphasize the progress made in Western Europe and now the Northeastern U.S. states. What has happened there will eventually be happening throughout the U.S. and then in south of our borders where the contagion is yet in its acceleration stages.

We’ll be back on tomorrow with COVID-19 updates and information that came through overnight.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we are grateful for all those who have served, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Please enjoy the 

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