The Committee of 300 was established in 2019 to increase the participation amongst TIA Members in the political process.


Members of the Committee of 300 can take advantage of the simple monthly payment option while taking an active role in ensuring that burdensome regulations and legislation do not become the law of the land.


Taking an active role in your political action committee educates lawmakers and assist in building TIA name recognition and policy initiatives on Capitol Hill.


Members of the “Committee of 300” Pledge to Contribute a Minimum of $50.00/Month to TIAPAC



Please Click Here to Join Today or for Additional Information!



A Special TIAPAC Gift

Admission to the TIAPAC Annual Event

Exclusive TIAPAC Lapel Pin

10% Off Registration to the TIA Policy Forum

Must Be Completed by May 18, 2020


PLEASE NOTE: Federal Election Commission laws state that an individual may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year. Corporate contributions are strictly prohibited. Political Action Committees may not accept contributions from non-U.S. Citizens. All donations are not tax-deductible.

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