3PL Systems: Brokerware II, released August 2018

Built from the ground up. Yes, we listened to our existing customers that wanted a state-of-the-art system with the look and feel of the latest and greatest technology. The business problem was going head to head in a competitive bid and demonstrating a system that was built over 10 years ago. Our 3PL customers were losing against the newer systems even though the competition didn’t have all the features of a mature system. Our solution was to rebuild the system from the ground up replacing every single line of code taking advantage of the best technology tools. Our feature set has grown. We believe our previous offering in LTL is the best in the industry, we are now competitive in Full Truckload (TL), Intermodal, Drayage,.… As we add features gone is the clunky interface and user unfriendliness of a system designed in the early 2000’s.

We’ve always been a customer-centric company but now we’ve increased our customer service focus and are driven by our customers’ requirements. An example of this is our Intermodal offering which was designed by one of our largest customers with the design effort lead by Martin Warren an Intermodal Expert from American Group. We began working on this feature (new mode) at the end of 2018 and released it to our customer base on January 1, 2019. Our new customers can add Intermodal to their capability at no additional charge for Brokerware II. We do this for all new features requested from our customers. The greatest advantage we’ve gained is adding new features is no longer a 6-month project. In most cases like integrating with SAP or Shopify or a custom-built Warehouse Management System these projects are 20 to 40-hour projects. Here is one of our newest modes Intermodal:


  • Manage multiple legs to dispatch for origin dray, destination dray and more …..
  • Traceability at the Container # level
  • Visibility from ramp origin through destination
  • Rail Routing visibility
  • All information searchable, no longer tracking through semi-manual processes or usage of Notes

Again, this is a new feature designed by our customer Martin Warren an Intermodal expert from American Group. We expect this feature will continue to mature as additional requirements will be discovered through our customers.


Comprehensive Intermodal transportation may include any combination of modes that include cartage, drayage, air, ocean, and rail. Most importantly modern supply chains often require more than 2 or 3 of the modes for the complete supply chain lifecycle. Just as importantly, Intermodal capabilities should allow for door to door services and 3rd party assist in the workflow. MercuryGate has all the capabilities needed for every stage including planning, execution, tracking, and settlement for a single, seamless experience in meeting the Intermodal needs of our customers.

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