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Published in the Marketplace Digest April 11, 2023
Technology Enabling Instant Insurance at your Fingertips.

Content Provided by Redkik inc

Technology Enabling Instant Insurance at your Fingertips.

By: Andy Bauer, VP Sales & Marketing with Redkik

When you think of technology, most don’t immediately associate it with Insurance. Buying insurance remains grossly the same as it did at inception for shippers and carriers alike, with current processes and solutions that are inefficient and lack very much needed automation. If you have started your technology journey through the use of a platform to help operations, you are already in a unique position to modernize the acquisition of insurance, simplify the process and create value.

Redkik is a global software company with the mission to simplify and improve the insurance industry for all parties within logistics and transportation. By identifying the major issues in acquiring insurance, through personal and learned experiences, Redkik decided to tackle the industry head-on so insurance will no longer be the cause of headache and heartburn.

Redkik decided that the only way to move the insurance world forward is with innovation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning elevate the insurance buying experience with per-shipment instant quotes, backed by leading insurance companies, that are based on actual data sets enabling  lower risk and higher coverage for any type of shipment.

Redkik also cares about its partners, knowing personally the struggle as a start-up fleet owner and comprised of experts in the logistics and insurance sectors. Knowing that change is difficult and sharing in the success of the transition to transactional policies is preferred, we offer a revenue share that adds even more value to your company and signals that we cherish your partnership.

Increase your Business with Embedded Cargo Insurance.

Redkik offers its SaaS solution as an easily adoptable API integrations.  Differentiate yourself from the competition with the world’s first fully embedded cargo insurance solution. Redkik has been integrated on 2 continents so far and is capable of going anywhere in the globe that you are transacting business.

Keep your customer where they belong.

When we integrate into your platform, we want you to keep your customer in your system – without redirecting them to external websites or portals.

Allowing your customers to always stay on your platform streamlines the purchase journey and makes sure you never lose the customer mid-way through the process due to hassle, time, or confusion.

Your Customer, Your Brand.

You have worked hard to build a reputable brand for your company. We believe it’s not our place to hijack your platform to promote our brand.

You will stay in charge of your customers’ experience, while getting access to the vast benefits of Redkik’s unmatched software.

Tailored Coverage

In today’s market the customer should be in the driver’s seat. Traditional off-the-shelf policies do not reflect this as they give you little to no flexibility and they rarely cover 100% of yours or your customer’s needs.

Redkik’ s single trip cargo insurance solution gives your customer maximum flexibility, while our AI and machine learning algorithm makes sure they only pay for what they need so that their needs are prioritized, meeting your customer needs with tailored coverage.

One-click Coverage

Through integrating our API with your current online system, your customers will get access to the market’s most seamless cargo insurance solution with market-leading ease of use.

To solidify our case, Redkik recently collaborated with EKA Solutions Inc. to integrate our transactional InsurTech solution. This particular integration empowers small and medium size broker, carrier, and shipper businesses to operate from quote-to-cash with affordable and best-in-class digital tools, enabling the higher performance demanded in tomorrow’s supply chain.

​​​​​ ​​“There is no greater industry need than reducing risk at every level of the supply chain for customers – so EKA and Redkik are kicking off this new year by taking action,” says JJ Singh, Founder and CEO for EKA Solutions, Inc.

“Together with EKA we are combining our visions for an optimized supply chain to offer solutions for the industry’s actual needs without shortcuts. Through this strategic partnership, we are streamlining the process of purchasing insurance with modern and efficient technology that will undoubtedly transform how the industry views insurance products,” said Chris Kalinski, Founder and CEO of Redkik, Inc.

This collaboration enables Redkik developers to better guide you through the entire API integration process and provide you with all the necessary tools.

To learn more about Redkik and our passion for integrating technology with Insurtech solutions to create a better experience, add value with reduced risk; visit us at .


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