TIA Daily COVID-19 Update: May 15th

As TIA continues to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19 and it’s impact on the 3PL and transportation industries, here is your Daily Update for May 15. As a reminder, you can find all the latest information, resources, guidance, and news from TIA’s COVID-19 Response Center.



As the nation begins the slow process of getting people back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, TIA has released a resource for our members on re-opening procedures, and questions to consider. TIA’s Operations Committee began work recently on developing a resource that members can utilize, that outlining several questions that companies should consider before returning to work. Issues covered in this resource include: Continued Teleworking Procedures | Commuting Policies | Cleaning Procedures

Please use this information along with your own personal resources; nobody knows your business like you do. TIA hopes this helps you and your staff stay safe as you begin to re-open. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any additional information or perspective.



We want to thank all our members for being CDC and state compliant, as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been a tough time for our organization and our industry – along with a lot of American businesses. We want to reiterate our support for all of you and for the important role you all have played to ensure that freight continues to move during this pandemic. You are our heroes.



Another day of progress. We have had nine consecutive declines in week-over-week comparisons. This day has a small new decline, probably because Thursday was the biggest day for testing so far, 367,000.

Some interesting details: IL, MI, and LA lead the way in week-to-week increases in cases. They are second-wave states where the contagion is still strong. However, all three were down, slightly, on deaths. Also, New York is now tied for third in new deaths per day, giving up the lead to Pennsylvania. PA is down on deaths, New York down more.

Note that the infection rate per test continues to fall. Interestingly, the U.S. is among the leaders in population per case but in the middle of the pack in deaths per population. Apparently, our people catch the bug easily but don’t get a high percentage of bad cases. Maybe its health care or genetics. It is not the level of our sequestration, as there are variants of those practices across the countries counted.

We’ll be back on Monday with COVID-19 updates and information that came through over the weekend.

This week, we shared a number of Navy-themed songs from World War II. Today, in honor of my father-in-law who was a B29 mechanic who worked on the Enola Gay in the South Pacific (in what was then the Army Air Corps), here’s Glenn Miller and “The Army Air Corps.” Have a great weekend.

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