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Your business is unique, and as such, has unique challenges. TIA consulting services help you to get to the core of those issues and create a winning strategic plan for building your organization – across financial and cultural dimensions. TIA services have benefited hundreds of logistics organizations to improve profitability (+50%) and have a more focused approach to people development and structural consistency.

Through assessments, consulting and executive coaching, we provide a clear picture of your current state of business and provide the tools to help you build the pathway to the success of your choice. Contact us to learn more.

Name Member Price Non-Member Price
TIA New Hire Assessment $125 $225

Don’t let a poor hire limit your opportunities for growth.

The TIA New Hire Assessment provides a thorough review of a candidate’s potential success based on the defined position role and responsibility. By assessing strengths, personality and communication dimensions against an ideal profile for the position, you can determine the alignment of that candidate to a successful model for achievement.

The TIA New Hire Assessment serves as a proven resource to complement your hiring and recruiting process in finding the best candidates for your 3PL business and provides an objective tool to help balance the hiring decision in favor of success.

Once you have made the right choice for your hire, the TIA New Employee Orientation (NEO) education course provides the necessary industry introduction to establish a valuable development foundation for your growing staff.

TIA Performance Predictor Assessment $125 $225

Identify the development opportunities and strengths of your growing team.

Within the first six months on the job, it is imperative to understand how your new team members are positioned for success. The TIA Performance Predictor Assessment compares your employee against ideal profiles of others who have found success across primary 3PL roles in Sales, Operations and Administration.
Identification of potential personality and communication gaps of individuals allows you to focus on coaching needs, training opportunities, and staffing decisions that will help you strengthen the team and drive greater performance.

TIA Leadership Profile Assessment $250 $450

Strong leaders are the lifeblood of any organization and their continued development drives your business forward.

The TIA Leadership Profile Assessment reviews your new and seasoned managers along entrepreneurial, leadership and communication dimensions to provide a holistic view of their leadership styles and how they best work in three directions – with their team, with their colleagues and with their own leaders.
By understanding stylistic differences, along with what energizes them (and what saps their energy), you will have a documented roadmap of ways to interact and lead them more effectively.

True leaders need to be challenged and developed. To fulfill this need, the TIA continues to build educational and development opportunities (like the CTB, Professional Coaching Services and the upcoming TIA Logistics Academy – an MBA style program) to elevate your current leaders into the innovators and leading edge visionaries that will guide your business forward.

Mentorship Program $500.00 $500.00

Everyone has something to give. Everyone has something to learn. Together, these truths create the foundation for mentoring, a relationship for the purpose of guidance in personal and professional development. 

What is this program for?

  • To provide an important networking connection for the new employee
  • To support new and less experienced employees successfully transition into their position
  • To support employees, enhance their career potential, or identify new career paths
  • To provide a venue where employees can ask questions in a safe, one on one environment
  • To expedite the learning of the new employee so they can become productive quickly

Benefits of Mentoring

  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Can improve your personal and communication skills
  • Develops / refines your leadership and management qualities
  • Mentoring can help you with your own career or reignite your career passion
  • Benefit from a sense of personal fulfillment and growth
  • Help advance your own career
  • Impact the next generation of supply chain leaders

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Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Increase your social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop your communication, study and personal skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Gain valuable insight into the next stage of your career

To Apply for a Mentor, contact Elizabeth Hinkel at hinkel@tianet.org.

180 Business Assessment $1250 $2000

This Business Assessment reviews your emerging business across two dimensions – financial and leadership. Through current and historical financial data, we evaluate your business against the industry to find growth opportunities. The Leadership assessments evaluate the current context of personality and strengths to identify collaborative strategies to focus on capturing the aspirational organization growth.

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360 Business Assessment $2500 $6000

This Business Assessment evaluates your company along four dimensions – financial, leadership, cultural health and marketplace. Through current and historical financial data, we evaluate your business against the industry to find growth opportunities. The Leadership assessments evaluate the current context of personality and strengths to identify collaborative strategies to focus on capturing the aspirational organization growth. The Cultural Health Index assesses the people and communication components of the company to identify areas of concern that can limit your goal achievement. The Marketplace assessment reviews your positioning, brand identity and differentiation strategies to ascertain your current state of effectiveness and areas for needed improvement. The 360 Business Assessment also provides a valuation of the enterprise.

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Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) Coaching $500/month $700/month

Designed for startup 3PLs and emerging businesses, the GAP Coaching Program utilizes a proven strategic methodology and engagement to energize and support the future growth of the organization.

Beginning with the 180 Business Assessment, the program establishes the current organizational state across financial and leadership dimensions. Using this assessment as the current benchmark, Strategic Planning sessions are held to build out the 12 month expectations and goal structure with the team.

Contextual video coaching and monthly coaching calls are scheduled to provide guidance, support and accountability to the team in the execution of the strategic plan outline. Additional reading, video and framework tools will accompany the coaching model to support specific areas of business development and organizational need.

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Executive Coaching Program $2500/month $3000/month

The TIA Executive Coaching Program is a strategic planning and business accelerator designed to support the needs of established 3PLs as they seek to grow and expand. Working across the full dimension of the business — financial, cultural, leadership, and market positioning, the TIA Executive Coaching Program creates a plan of attack to drive the business goals of the 3PL organization in a holistic and structured way.

Leveraging the power of the organizational leadership, the TIA Executive Coaching Program builds a sustainable and collaborative strategy to compete and thrive in variable market conditions. Belief in the vision, fully integrated throughout the organization, provides the necessary innovation and acceleration to engage the team towards greater revenue capture and a more consistent profitability expansion. The program includes:

TIA 360 Degree Business Assessment and Review

  • Financial – Revenue, Margin, Profitability, Valuation
  • Culture – Internal Vision, Values, Behavior and Communication
  • Leadership – Team Dynamics, Collaborative Strategies, Gap Analysis
  • Market Position – Branding, Perception, External Communication and Differentiation

On-Site Strategy Session with Defined Leaders

  • Development of Long and short term strategy and vision
  • Creation of Organizational Expectations and Behaviors
  • Tactical Plans for goal achievement

Quarterly Strategy Sessions to Refresh 90-day Actions

  • Building the necessary steps to achieve success within the strategic plan
  • Departmental focus on action and growth timelines
  • Employee and Leader engagement expectations

Regular Coaching Calls for Guidance and Accountability

  • Communication on Focus and Belief in the Vision
  • Accountability to the tactics and goals structure
  • Support on market changes and organizational obstacles

Departmental and Role Specific Coaching

  • Focus on Departmental/Role needs in alignment with the overall strategic vision
  • Support and Challenge to grow leaders

Video and Workbook Support

  • On Demand video methodology to support the strategy
  • Exercises to understand and analyze the business
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