Certified Transportation Broker

The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program offers graduates the highest broker certification that exists in the industry, and is the most widely recognized designation among 3PLs.

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Exam administered October 24th, 2020.

Create a culture of excellence within your organization through employee development provided by the CTB. Knowledge increases confidence. Confidence fosters stronger decisions. Better decisions lead to increased productivity which helps drive revenue. Incorporating the CTB into your employee development and training plans expresses the investment in your team and for the service commitment to your customers.

The CTB curriculum is designed to increase business acumen, improve operational and sales skills and better manage risk. The comprehensive program challenges the learner across the landscape of the 3PL operational spectrum to create a more informed and valuable employee.


Designed as a rigorous online home study and exam program, it offers:

  • General business principles every broker should understand including marketing, accounting and finance, and risk management
  • Traffic management including best practices for shipment, claims, fleet, and international traffic management
  • Contracts and pricing
  • Navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment
  • Case law involving back solicitation, double payment, Workers’ Compensation, and damage claim issues

$1,050 for TIA Members
$1,325 for Non-Members

The fees for the CTB Online Study Course are $675 for members and $800 for non-members.
The fees for the CTB Exam are $375 for members and $525 for non-members.

Purchase the required textbook, Foundations of Business, 5th Edition

Questions? Please contact us at education@tianet.org

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” This course has increased my confidence to engage in conversations and it has earned me additional respect from my fellow logistics team members.” – Erica Wertanen, CTB, Automated Logistics Systems, LLC

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# of Registrants Member Non-Member
1 $675 (Course Only) $800
3-5 $610 n/a
6+ $575 n/a
Exam $375 $525
​Based on academic scholarship and practical experience, the CTB Program provides brokers:

Marketing Advantages
Certification provides an edge in the competitive transportation marketplace. It demonstrates to carriers and customers that you have the knowledge base, professional integrity, and professional commitment best suited to meet their transportation needs. CTB Certification may be the most valuable credential you will earn in your brokerage career.

Companies that promote the CTB Program for their employees benefit from the investment in Certification. With Certified Transportation Brokers on staff, companies can improve their marketability and increase their value in the marketplace with this commitment to excellence. Customers and clients are assured that such brokerage operations are highly qualified and competent.

Professional Recognition
As a Certified Transportation Broker, you stand out among your peers. You will earn the right to wear the CTB lapel pin, exclusive use of the CTB logo on business cards and letterhead, and a professional wall plaque to recognize your achievement. In addition, press releases are sent to the transportation trade media.

Career Advancement
As a CTB, you are designated as a recognized brokerage professional. The knowledge and understanding gained from the certification process will allow you to become a stronger leader and more valuable asset  to your organization.

Fifteen years in the industry painted a picture of the breadth of pertinent knowledge I hadn’t encountered. Taking the CTB course and exam helped fill in many of the blanks.” – Guy Byars

“I feel as if the TIA CTB Course should be a must to all of those going into the transportation and truck brokerage world. Its not only informative but also eye opening whether you’re new to the industry or a 10 year veteran. I strongly suggest this course!” – Heath G.

“It is an understatement that a lot goes into the coordination efforts of transportation departments both domestic and international. The CTB course provides a great means by which to communicate the many factors and parties that are involved in a succinct and informatory way. I would recommend the course to any individual seeking to engage in transportation as a career professional.” – Martha Torres

The fee for the Online Study Course is $675 for members and $800 for non-members.
The fee for the CTB Exam is $375 for members and $525 for non-members.


Professional Experience: 

A candidate must earn at least one of their five eligibility points through professional experience in the property brokerage, logistics management, or other third party experience.

  • 1 – 6 Months (1 point)
  • 6 Months – 1 Year (2 points)
  • 1 – 2 Years (3 points)
  • 2 – 3 Years (4 points)
  • 3+ Years (5 points)


Candidates may earn additional CTB eligibility points as a result of formal education:

  • Associate Degree (2 points)
  • Bachelor Degree (3 points)
  • Graduate Degree (4 points)
  • Concentration in transportation (1 point)

– An individual possessing a degree with a concentration in transportation and logistics may add an extra point.

Your CTB Eligibility:
If you totaled five points or more between your experience and education, you have a high chance at successfully completing the Certified Transportation Broker course and exam. If your points were below five, consider TIA’s New Broker Course. Click here to learn more.

“The Online Study Course was a very valuable resource to study for the CTB exam.  Without it, there is no doubt I would not have passed.” Kerry K

The Online Study Course (OSC) is offered to help individuals study and prepare for the exam. This course is an intensive three-month on-line program that utilizes a textbook and on-line materials to provide a structured review process. All of the material, minus that covered in Foundations of Business, 5th edition, is available in the OSC.  The online study course is offered prior to each scheduled exam.

The OSC allows candidates to work at their own pace from the convenience of their home while taking advantage of a structured study format and personalized guidance. During the OSC, you can receive feedback from the instructor on your strengths and weaknesses, and tips on how to take and pass the exam.

The OSC is not a substitute for the exam. It is designed to provide a guided view of the appropriate material that the exam will cover. Candidates take regular on-line quizzes to assess their understanding of the material.  Quiz answers will not be sent out to candidates for review in order to ensure the integrity of the CTB Exam.

There are separate fees for the OSC and exam. (Note: If you plan to use the textbook from previous candidates, be sure to check with TIA to make sure you have the appropriate editions of the textbook being used.) Currently, Foundations of Business, 5th edition, by Pride, Hughes and Kapoor is the correct textbook.

The Online Study Course fee is non-refundable.


The fees for the CTB Online Study Course are $675 for members and $800 for non-members.
The fees for the CTB Exam are $375 for members and $525 for non-members.

 Required Textbook (separate purchase required)

The textbook, Foundations of Business, 5th edition, is available new, used or as a rental in a variety of formats including hardback, paperback, and e-book. Only the 5th edition book is currently approved for this class. The text can be purchased through the Amazon link below.

The Exam is a four-hour multiple choice exam covering three sections: basic business principles applied to brokerage; traffic management and contracting for transportation services; and legal and regulatory issues. To become CTB certified, you must pass each of the three sections. Candidates who do not pass section(s) may register at the appropriate member or non-member rate to re-take the failed section(s) during the next scheduled exam date. Candidates have the option of taking all three sections together or separately; however, applicants need to be aware that all three (3) sections of the exam must be passed within three (3) consecutive testing cycles of taking the first exam.  Applicants may transfer to the next exam date; however, this will count as one (1) attempt in the three (3) test cycles. The exam is administered four (4) times a year.

The examination fee is non-refundable.   TIA may in its sole discretion approve transfer of the exam fee one time to the next scheduled exam (less the Certification Application Fee) only if (a) a written request accompanied by an explanation of the basis for the transfer request satisfactory to TIA, is received by TIA two business days prior to the exam date, and (b) written approval is given by TIA to the requestor before the exam for which the transfer is requested.

Exam results are scored on a pass/fail basis. Exam percentages or points will not be made available.

Candidates will receive their results the immediately following the exam.

Candidates who do not pass section(s) may register to re-take the failed section(s) during the next scheduled exam date. Partial pass scores (pass one or two sections only) are valid for three (3) consecutive test cycles which includes the initial exam. Candidates must pass all three (3) sections of the exam within three (3) consecutive test cycles which includes the initial exam.  If the candidate does not pass all three (3) exams within three (3) exam cycles, they must register at the original price and restart the entire program.

Candidates who have previously enrolled in the Online Study Course may re-enroll for the CTB Online Study Course at the price of $325 for members, $400 for non-members.  To re-enroll, please contact the TIA Education department at education@tianet.org.

Exam fee is $125 per section for members and $175 per section for non-members.


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