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You know what they say, time is money; with so little time in your day to stay engaged with 3PL industry trends and hot topics. This is where the TIA podcasts come in and why we created TIA Delivers Podcasts for you. A monthly conversation to bring you the latest updates, tips and lessons-learned in a short, concise, readily available podcast. Our guests will offer real-world industry solutions, foresight and best practices that will ultimately help your business be successful. TIA podcasts will undoubtedly support our vision as the trusted voice of third-party logistics companies, recognizing the diverse needs of our members while speaking with one voice to shippers, carriers, government officials, and international organizations.

Latest Episode: The Surprising Simple Task Every 3PL Sales Rep Should Be Doing Right Now

In this episode of TIA Delivers Podcast, we sit down with Jim Kenny, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Marketing at Western Illinois University, who provides follow-up to his recent TIA Virtual Lunch & Learn webinar “The Surprising Simple Task Every 3PL Sales Rep Should Be Doing Right Now.”

During the episode, Dr. Kenny discusses the importance between differentiation and positioning strategy, the importance of executing strategy, and the importance of connections built through verbal communications.

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April 2020: The Economics of Commissions: Creating Unique Incentive Plans for Your Sales Force

In this episode of TIA Delivers Podcasts, we sit down with Beth Carroll, Managing Principal of Prosperio Group, who provides insights into the four-part series she recently wrote for TIA’s 3PL Perspectives Magazine. The four-part series, “The Economics of Commission” details the different approaches and methods used to figure sales commissions.


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March 2020: Making Sense of Uncertainty: TIA, 3PLS & COVID-19

In this special episode of TIA Delivers Podcasts, President & CEO of TIA, Bob Voltmann, CAE gives a brief update on the state of TIA in the current climate that we are facing together. Further, Bob provides an update on the rescheduling of the TIA 2020 Conference & Exhibition and TIA’s work with the U.S. Chamber, American Logistics Aid Network & Small Business Legislative Council.

February 2020 – Tips & Tricks: What Formula 1 Can Teach Us About the RFP Process

In the February episode of TIA Delivers Podcast, we sit down with Jonathan Evans, Director of Client Solutions for Logistical Labs. Jonathan discusses where the future of the RFP process is heading and how clients can leverage technology right now to gain a competitive advantage by improving their client-facing and carrier-facing operational strategies to win more business while mitigating risks in an ever-changing industry.


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December 2019 – The Value of TIA: What’s In It For You?

In this episode of TIA Delivers Podcast, we sit down with Kenneth Clark, the president of Kenneth Clark Co., and an avid supporter of TIA. Kenny shares his company’s success story and provides outstanding insight into why TIA membership has been essential in taking his company from $1.6 million to a projected $14 million in 2020. He discusses some of the challenges his company faces, how he has overcome these challenges, and why he continues to invest in TIA. Kenny leaves us with specific takeaways and advice on how to accelerate your business and provide more value to your customers. A TIA member perspective you do not want to miss!

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November 2019 – What Legislative & Regulatory Issues Should 3PLs Be Aware of in 2020?

In this episode, Chris Burroughs, Vice President of Government Affairs for TIA, discusses the importance of getting involved with TIA on advocacy issues. TIA’s Government Affairs division works on behalf of the membership to promote the 3PL industry with lawmakers and regulators and protect their businesses from burdensome regulations. In addition, Chris provides an update on the 116th Congress and legislative and regulatory issues that 3PLs should be aware of as we move into 2020. These include the proposed hours-of-service (HOS) changes, the Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard (MCSSS) and the U.S. Mexico Canadian trade agreement (USMCA).

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October 2019 – Why Should the 3PL Industry Be Worried About Oil Politics?

We have in the Persian Gulf the biggest threat to global economic stability since the banking crisis of 2008. Find out what this exposure means to North American supply chains in the first of TIA’s new series of podcasts. Noël Perry, TIA’s chief economist will layout the dimensions of the crisis and translate them into specific implications for supply chain professionals ranging from gyrations in fuel surcharges to threats to product delivery. Mr. Perry is a veteran of several of these events and has the scars to prove it. He is particularly interested in the current situation because it has the potential to be a game-changer. It is time for all of us to become intensely aware of events in the Persian Gulf.

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