Thank You from TIA

At this time of Thanksgiving, we pause to count our blessings and express to you our sincere appreciation for your membership, support, and continued participation in TIA. From all of TIA, Happy Thanksgiving!
Please note, TIA's offices will be closed from Thursday, November 26 to Sunday, November 29. 

Raise Your Company's Visibility by Sponsoring the 2016 TIA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Ensure that your organization is recognized as a major supporter of the 2016 TIA Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, TX. Make your sponsorship commitment TODAY and connect with more than 800+ key 3PL decision makers during this must-attend industry event. 
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TIA's Chairman of the Board's Guest Column in the Wall Street Journal's Logistics Report

TIA's Chairman of the Board, Jeff Tucker has written a guest column for the Wall Street Journal titled, "Technology Provides Opportunity, Not Disruption to Freight Brokers." Tucker goes into the depth of knowledge needed to thrive in logistics and how, "Freight brokers are the most voracious consumers of new technologies in industrial transportation."
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S. 1454, the Transportation and Logistics Hiring Reform Act

On Thursday, May 21st, Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) introduced S. 1454, the "Transportation and Logistics Hiring Reform Act", which would enhance interstate commerce by creating a national hiring standard for motor carriers. The bill serves as a vital reform measure on addressing the confusing and conflicting vagaries created by the CSA scores within the marketplace. 

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MAP-21 Double Brokering

Are carriers continuing to double broker your loads? Are they flipping a load, convenience sub-hauling, helping a friend in need? These are other ways of saying, that a carrier is illegally brokering freight under MAP-21.
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H.R. 1120, the National Hiring Standard

The national hiring standard would clarify and standardize industry best practices for hiring safe motor carriers. Currently, industry stakeholders are often asked to second-guess the FMCSA on determining which carriers are safe to operate and those that are not. The national hiring standard would remove the confusing and conflicting vagaries of the BASIC data as it relates to the negligent selection of a carrier.
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Maximizing Margins Using Carrier Development Strategies Webinar Series - December 8-10

Join Joel McGinley for a 3 day (1 hour each day) webinar designed to teach you and your team the carrier development skills needed to ensure steady profitable gross margins.

Exhibit at the TIA 2016 Capital Ideas Conference 

The only meeting for third-party logistics providers, it is a once-a-year opportunity to interact with the best 3PLs throughout North America and abroad.