SaferWatch and PostEverywhere Added to TIA Advantage Program

TIA is proud to announce additions to our Advantage Program, a set of exclusive discounts saving our members money and providing access to quality services. These new programs help brokers and 3PLs simplify the process of qualifying carriers and posting loads, by offering discounts on Grizella’s SaferWatch™ and PostEverywhere®.
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TIA's Chairman of the Board's Guest Column in the Wall Street Journal's Logistics Report

TIA's Chairman of the Board, Jeff Tucker has written a guest column for the Wall Street Journal titled, "Technology Provides Opportunity, Not Disruption to Freight Brokers." Tucker goes into the depth of knowledge needed to thrive in logistics and how, "Freight brokers are the most voracious consumers of new technologies in industrial transportation."
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S. 1454, the Transportation and Logistics Hiring Reform Act

On Thursday, May 21st, Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) introduced S. 1454, the "Transportation and Logistics Hiring Reform Act", which would enhance interstate commerce by creating a national hiring standard for motor carriers. The bill serves as a vital reform measure on addressing the confusing and conflicting vagaries created by the CSA scores within the marketplace. 

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MAP-21 Double Brokering

Are carriers continuing to double broker your loads? Are they flipping a load, convenience sub-hauling, helping a friend in need? These are other ways of saying, that a carrier is illegally brokering freight under MAP-21.
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H.R. 1120, the National Hiring Standard

The national hiring standard would clarify and standardize industry best practices for hiring safe motor carriers. Currently, industry stakeholders are often asked to second-guess the FMCSA on determining which carriers are safe to operate and those that are not. The national hiring standard would remove the confusing and conflicting vagaries of the BASIC data as it relates to the negligent selection of a carrier.
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FMCSA Unified Registration System (URS) 

Are you ready for the big changes set to come within FMCSA? On Oct. 23rd, the URS will be implemented. The URS will eliminate the MC, FF, and MX numbers within the DOT sytem and make the USDOT number the sole identifier. Additionally, the URS will require brokers to update their information on a biennial update.
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Logistics Focused MBA

TIA and the William Loveland College have announced an agreement to offer a new Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in logistics.
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TIA Veteran Initiative

TIA's members surpassed our goal of hiring more than 100 veterans in 2014. Help TIA continue this trend through 2015. Hired a vet?
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Structuring Your Sales Program for Success

Did you know that 80 percent of companies that invest in implementing a formal sales structure report an increase in sales success when a process is introduced? Register now for TIA and TranStrategy Partner's next webinar series September 1, 2, and 3 and learn how.

Building a Culture of Profitability

Join us for a 6-hour workshop with industry leader, Joel McGinley, on September 24 in Dallas TX as he helps you develop and manage a culture the delivers consistent, high performance results.

Intermodal Expo 2015

This year's EXPO takes the best of the 2014 event and adds more value, raising the sum "EXPOnentially!" Join us September 20-22 in Ft. Lauderdale and see the difference.

Exhibit at the TIA 2016 Capital Ideas Conference 

The only meeting for third-party logistics providers, it is a once-a-year opportunity to interact with the best 3PLs throughout North America and abroad.