Ethics in Transportation Brokerage

The meaning of ethics is hard to pin down and harder still to define with any precision. TIA has developed the only course based on current ethical issues specifically impacting this industry.  Developed by Dr. John Drea, this online course covers current ethical issues impacting transportation and is based on the book, Ethics in Transportation Brokerage, (Drea/Drea) and TIA Watchdog ethics cases.

Member price – $350

Non-member price – $600

New Broker Success Package

If you are a 3PL under $.99 Million in gross revenue, you qualify for the TIA New Broker Success package (NBSP). This package is your Best Value and we encourage you to UPGRADE your TIA Membership by selecting the NBSP to help your company grow and be more profitable fast.

  • Membership with TIA
  • TIA New Broker Course – The Premiere Course Designed by 3PLs, for 3PLs.
  • Free Member Credit Report & Credit Assessment Through TransCredit
  • Model Contracts
  • Carrier Selection Frameworks

Finance 101

TIA is excited to announce the launch of our new Finance 101 online course, designed to provide participants with the foundational financial literacy needed to increase business efficiencies and profitability. During the Finance 101 course, participants will learn about:

  • Understanding financial operations to provide insight into your business and financial operations
  • Key concepts and discussions on the importance of credit, receivables, payables, gross and net sales, methods of payment, non-payment, debt, and effective expense management to your successful operation
  • Tips and processes on what to review when establishing a new account, managing an existing account, approving customers for credit, collecting due or overdue payments, and maximizing cash flow
  • Provide insight into various types of accounting, their impacts on the broker’s books, and issues related to tax planning, estimation, and compliance

Users who registered prior to April 30, 2020 will have complimentary access for 60 days. 

QUESTIONS? Please contact TIA’s Education Department at [email protected] or 703.299.5700. 

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Course

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) have you stumped? The brand-new TIA LTL course has got you covered. This online, on-demand course consists of 4 modules and a final exam. By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • Define LTL and describe the types of LTL carriers
  • Describe key terms and abbreviations relevant to the job of an LTL carrier
  • Recognize the meaning of prohibited articles and list some examples
  • Understand the unique problems posed by convention deliveries
  • Discuss basic loss and damage claims and list examples
  • Distinguish how and when to go about expanding their services

Advanced Intermodal Transportation Course

Take your intermodal knowledge to the next level with TIA’s Advanced Intermodal Course! This course, developed by a team of intermodal experts, consists of 4 learning modules and a final exam designed to teach you about the following topics:

  • Storage, driver, chassis, and weight charges
  • The role of technology in invoicing, tracking, and automation
  • The rules and regulations regarding product protection and transloading
  • Detailed information on reduced rate transport and filing claims

The member price for the course is $400. The non-member price is $525.

The course is available in a bundle with the Intro to Intermodal Course to members for $700:  Bundle Registration

Please contact [email protected] for a discount if you have already purchased the Intro to Intermodal Course.

3PL Management Accelerator Program (3PLMAP)

The 3PL Management Accelerator Program (3PLMAP) is the leading 3PL training platform for increasing revenue. The more than 20 modules included in this subscription will accelerate your business by helping your team become the most productive 3PL employees possible by focusing on professional and leadership skills in addition to technical skills. This comprehensive training is useful to new or seasoned employees across all departments.

This per-employee subscription includes the following development areas:

Improving Customer Relationships
Customer Service, Relationship Development, Pricing, Turning Prospects

Improving Carrier Relationships
Carrier Development, Load Boards, Effective Negotiation

Becoming a Better Leader
KPIs, Manging Culture, Situational Leadership, Traits of Effective Leaders, Communicating Expectations, How to Achieve Improved Results, Conflict Resolution, How People Operate

Managing Your Professional Presence
Time Management, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Build Positive Energy, Managing Your Cash Flow, Managing Your Balance Sheet

3PLMAP provides on-demand access to professional training and is the one-stop-shop for 3PL success.

Subscription for Members is $995, and $1200 for Non-Members.

The subscription will be applicable for 1-year after your purchase date, at which time you will need to renew to gain access to the materials again.

Marketing Transportation Brokerage Services

This course is targeted at those interested in learning more about how to market transportation brokerage services.
Learn how to: 
  • Create Customer Satisfaction
  • Target Buyers 
  • Develop Your Own Marketing Strategy
  •  Conduct Market Research
  •  Target Supply Chain Buyers
  • Understand the Buyers of Brokerage Services
  • Take a Strategic Approach to Promote Your Services

Independent Contractor Course

If you want the best course to make you a successful independent contractor, learn from the best in the industry.
TIA members have grown their businesses from small start-ups to very successful multi-billion dollar companies. Take advantage of their 30+ years of experience and knowledge. These are the people who invented the freight brokering industry and these are the people who wrote this course.

Why choose TIA’s Independent Contractor Course?

• Written by the top brokers and associates in the industry.
• Not one person’s or company’s opinion.
• Built to work within your busy schedule. Learn online at your pace.
• Developed by the leading professional organization in the 3PL industry – TIA.
Course modules include:
• How it All Works
• Marketing and Sales
• The Job of an Independent Contractor
• Ethics
• Load Assignment

Get the same great information and skill-building benefits you’d receive in a live webinar or seminar, delivered by one of our top trainers, with the convenience of learning online, anytime you want. Includes a post-quiz for each module, and a comprehensive course exam.

The course is $550 for members and $850 for non-members. This price is for a single user; if you are interested in group pricing, contact TIA for more information, [email protected]

No transfers or refunds once the course is accessed.

Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain

Take the initiative with this online course to enhance your sales team’s skills by learning basic marketing principles, sales concepts and exposing common mistakes made by brokerage salespeople. Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain (PSSC) has been specifically created to address the unique characteristics of selling in the third-party brokerage field. The course combines a printed text with online assignments, study guides, videos and quizzes – all created to improve the sales skills of personnel in brokerage sales.
Throughout this course, you will learn to:
  • Build Partnering Relationships
  • Prospect for New Sales Plan & Make Sales Calls
  • Respond to Prospect Objections
  • Build Long-Term Relationships
  • Understand Buying Behavior and the Buying Process
  • Recognize Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling
PSSC is different than the usual sales course, which emphasizes efficiency, increasing closing percentages, and overcoming objections. The PSSC course preempts objections and stresses effectiveness by developing long-term partnering relationships with shippers and carriers. The emphasis is to stop the mentality of moving a load here and there for someone, and instead focus on a long-term relationship. No transfers or refunds once the course begins.

A Broker’s Introduction To Intermodal Transportation

A Broker’s Introduction to Intermodal Transportation was jointly developed by several of TIA’s railroad associate members.  There are actually five Major Railroads who are active in TIA.  Their participation and investment is proof of their interest in wanting to do business with TIA Members.  It is a great time in Intermodal to get on board and this course can help you catch that train. Registration is $400 for members and $525 for non-members.

The eight week on-line course will teach participants about: 
  • The differences between Class I, Regional, and Local rail services, and the advantages and disadvantages they each bring to intermodal transportation
  • An explanation of the intermodal process from start to finish, particularly the broker’s role in coordinating other players, and what to reasonably expect from the process
  • The customs requirements for transborder freight set down by Canadian and Mexican authorities
  • Understanding key concepts of the process of selling intermodal transportation
TIA is the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals in North America and abroad. Membership at TIA adds value to your business and provides resources for growth.
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