C-TPAT Pilot Program Act Passes in the Senate

MAY 27, 2022 – ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) released the following statement following the U.S. Senate’s passage of TIA’s priority legislation, S.2322, the “C-TPAT Pilot Program Act of 2021,” the bill was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support and now goes to the House of Representatives for further action.
On behalf of TIA and our almost 2,000 member companies, we are excited to have additional movement on a piece of legislation that is crucial to our membership base. This policy is common sense, long overdue, and should be quickly put on President Biden’s desk for signature.
President and CEO, Anne Reinke say this regarding the successful Senate vote, “TIA is glad to see the Senate take up and pass S.2322. 15 years is too long for our members to wait to become C-TPAT eligible, today we are one step closer.”
Non-asset-based 3PL’s have been dealing with a competitive disadvantage for more than 10 years because of an intentional decision by the Federal government. The legislation, now before the House of Representatives, creates a pilot program for 10 previously neglected DOT licensed property brokers and 10 warehousing entities to be C-TPAT certified to show worth in the larger program.
Vice-President of Government Affairs, Chris Burroughs said this on the Senate vote, “Today the Senate passed S.2322 bringing together a rare coalition of Senate Republicans and Democrats to move key legislation forward. TIA is grateful for a strong floor vote, and we look forward to swift House action.”
TIA members are ready to get off the sideline and support C-TPAT with their enrollment. This legislation will increase jobs, increase business, and increase national security.
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