TIA’s Inaugural Media Day Shines Spotlight on Logistics Industry Innovations

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals, held its first-ever Media Day event at its annual Capital Ideas Conference in Phoenix. During Media Day, more than two dozen leading logistics supplier companies shared breaking news, innovations and other important announcements with industry reporters and publications in back-to-back press conferences.

“We were thrilled to spotlight the groundbreaking innovations shared during TIA’s inaugural Media Day at the 2024 Capital Ideas Conference,” said Anne Reinke, TIA president & CEO. “These announcements represent the creativity and ingenuity propelling our industry forward.”

Below is a look at the breaking news presented during TIA’s 2024 Media Day:

HaulPay (Booth #106)

Presented by Carston Boren, director of Sales

HaulPay presented a new digital wallet and payments service that caters to brokers of all sizes and stages. The new service is delivered through an innovative web and mobile app to help automate and de-risk payments to contracted carriers.

ShipPrimus TMS (Booth #218)

Presented by Amanda Bohl, CEO

ShipPrimus TMS unveiled the launch of their innovative, white-labeled customer portal. The modern, self-service customer portal accompanies the ShipPrimus Broker TMS, delivering a tool for brokers to provide value to their shippers through automation via real-time API quoting, tendering, tracking, visibility and documents across freight modes.

WireBee (Booth #102)

Presented by Andre Temnorod, CEO & co-founder

WireBee unveiled an innovative communication solution for the logistics sector, focused on fraud prevention and enhancing productivity for freight brokers and 3PLs. Initially offered as an add-on compatible with top cloud phone services like RingCentral, 8×8 and Vonage, WireBee is set to evolve into a comprehensive carrier interaction platform.

TriumphPay (Booth #508)

Presented by Haley Evans, senior vice president of Payor Strategic Initiatives

TriumphPay announced the introduction of local currency payments – an important step toward becoming the first-ever global payments network for transportation. TriumphPay anticipates offering its partners and clients payment functionality in Mexico by the end of the second quarter 2024 – and in Europe and parts of Asia by end of year.

Triple Crown Services, Inc. (Booth #520)

Presented by Sam Niness, president of Triple Crown Services, and Courtney Steinberg, vice president of Finance for DrayNow, Inc

Triple Crown/Norfolk Southern and DrayNow announced the release of their revolutionary Intermodal technology platform, from their joint venture ModalView. The technology offers seamless connectivity, street tracking and immediate document availability for intermediaries using intermodal drayage.

Freight Management Systems (Booth #720)

Presented by Henry Sheldon, president & CEO

Freight Management Systems launched its groundbreaking Advanced Lane Planning tools within the LOADPlus Pro Transportation Management System (TMS). The product includes cutting-edge features like manifest load consolidation, concurrent tracking of lanes and round trip lanes.

Blue Yonder (Booth #803) 

Presented by Jen McQuiston, director of Product Marketing

Blue Yonder announced the launch of Transportation Optimization, a standalone optimization product that optimizes truckload and less-than-truckload routes, regardless of region or fleet type; creates optimized transportation plans; and exports load plans to the user. Transportation Optimization is available for integration to other TMS solutions.

Qued (Booth #617)

Presented by Tom Curee, president

Qued announced the latest in their efforts to resolve the decades-old challenge of appointment scheduling. With Qued’s new capabilities, customers can preemptively schedule future appointment requests before the appointment window becomes available, 24/7. Qued customers can secure first to market access to prime appointments with this new feature.

Freightclaims.com (Booth #621)

Presented by Michael Schember, founder and CEO

Freightclaims.com announced the launch of its enhanced UI, designed to transform the freight claims landscape for shippers and 3PLs. This cutting-edge software update streamlines operations, enabling businesses to dedicate more time and resources to serving their customers while leaving the complexities of claims management behind.

3G (Booth #716)

Presented by Ron Lee, chief product officer

3G announced the integration of cutting-edge drayage capabilities into their comprehensive transportation software suite. This enhancement empowers 3PLs and brokers to eliminate spreadsheets and improve costs, customer satisfaction and visibility through automated workflows—all within a single TMS platform.

GLT Logistics (Booth #207)

Presented by Dan Kubart, director of Market Development

GLT Logistics showcased its new Agents Portal, designed to provide efficient shipment management. The Agents Portal offers a range of features aimed at streamlining the shipment management process. Agents now have the capability to receive and process instant quotes for LTL, FTL, Open Deck, Reefer, Parcel and Expedited services.

Banyan Technology (Booth #600)

Presented by Deanna Wright, chief marketing officer

Banyan Technology announced a strategic partnership with GoComet to offer enhanced ocean and air tracking and freight spend management. GoComet offers visibility and shipment monitoring on a single dashboard allowing Banyan’s clients to benefit from real-time visibility and live updates on container movement across all ocean and air shipments.

Talentek by Hubtek (Booth #518)

Presented by Carolina Muñoz, account manager, and Alexandra Harapi, account executive

Talentek by Hubtek launched Flex, their latest innovation that revolutionizes the way businesses approach talent acquisition and management. With Flex, clients now have the flexibility to engage talent as a process, paying per transaction rather than by headcount, empowering businesses to optimize their workforce efficiently.

Black Belt TC (Booth #206)

Presented by Michael Bloss, CEO

Black Belt TC announced that its proprietary technology “Acquisitions Powered by Code©,” built specifically for the transportation acquisition process, can now be accessed directly through a customer portal. This provides access to more than 300 graphs along with acquisition valuation modeling based on current acquisition valuation trends and risk factors.

Cargo Chief (Booth #503)

Presented by Kirk Franzen, CTO

Cargo Chief announced the release of its groundbreaking Carrier Quality Scoring feature in the C4 platform. This new feature is designed to transform the way freight brokers interact with and select carriers, providing more visibility and control over the carrier onboarding process.

Greenscreens.ai (Booth #717)

Presented by Dawn Salvucci-Favier, CEO & chief product officer

Greenscreens.ai announced the launch of Greenscreens Ignite, a powerful new product designed to transform pricing analysis and ignite pricing strategy. Leveraging win/loss analysis and in-depth quote history data, Ignite enables brokerages to craft optimized pricing strategies that allow them to win more business…more profitably.

Descartes (Booth #201)

Presented by Dan Cicerchi, general manager of Transportation Management

Descartes announced the availability of Descartes MacroPoint™ FraudGuard to help freight brokers, third-party logistics companies and shippers identify and prevent fraudulent activities related to carrier information, load tracking and shipment status. The new capabilities are now included as part of the subscription for the Descartes MacroPoint service.

Trimble (Booth #519)

Presented by Scott Vanselous, sector vice president of Strategy for Transporeon, and Jason Roberts, senior vice president of Digital Enablement for MODE Global

Transporeon, a Trimble company, announced a collaboration with MODE Global, a $3.4 billion, multi-brand third-party logistics firm. The collaboration aims to leverage automation to tender both spot and dedicated freight using Autonomous Procurement, offered by Transporeon, white-labeled and customized for MODE as MODE Global MARKETPLACE.

DDC FPO (Booth #306)

Presented by Madison Conway, vice president of Marketing & Communications, Global, and Donna Kintop, head of Customer Service, Global

DDC FPO announced new nearshore services by officially adding Central America and South America to its worldwide footprint of strategic operating locations. The company will now be able to deliver its standard of excellence via Nearshore services to its North America clients.

Revenova (Booth #419)

Presented by Mike Marut, Marketing Communications, and Jeff Parisi, vice president of Sales

Revenova announced a new innovation for transportation management: Revenova TMS: Fleet Operations. Revenova TMS: Fleet Operations brings a next generation level of functionality for the ground fleet operator to optimize its entire fleet operations from sales to settlement.

Cleo (Booth #800)

Presented Tushar Patel, chief marketing officer

Cleo announced Business Commitment Monitoring for Logistics (powered by RADAR), a real-time alerting framework with role-based personalized dashboards and customizable notifications. The solution improves operational efficiency for logistics firms to improve revenue streams and strengthen operations, transparency and overall customer experience.

Trucker Tools (Booth #313)

Presented by Kary Jablonski, CEO

Trucker Tools announces their new product, Carrier Sourcing. Unlike any other carrier vetting tool on the market, Carrier Sourcing allows brokers to expand their network by qualifying carriers using their carrier tracking activity, carrier preferences and more.

Tai Software (Booth #307) and Front (Booth #121)

Presented by Walter Mitchell, CEO of Tai Software, and Craig Klemp, vice president of Partnerships & Business Development for Front

Tai Software & Front announced a new integration that marks a revolutionary step towards leveraging AI and automation within the logistics industry. This integration aims to significantly amplify the productivity of freight brokers and 3PLs, helping them win more business, enhance customer experience and grow revenue.

AscendTMS (Booth #701)

Presented by Krystian Gebis, CEO of Shipper CRM, and Tim Higham, CEO of AscendTMS

Triumph Financial and Tim Higham announced they’ve invested in Shipper CRM, the world’s only dedicated shipper leads platform, allowing freight sales professionals to obtain and manage hundreds of thousands of verified shipper leads and shipper profiles.

CS Recruiting (Booth #315)

Presented by Charlie Saffro, CEO & founder

CS Recruiting introduced a new service to support teams throughout the entire hiring process: Talent Advisory Services. This new service provides guidance and expertise through recruiting and retention best practices. The CS team blends their industry wisdom, data insights and human-centered leadership to bring some clarity to the talent strategy puzzle.

Vooma (Booth #219)
Presented by Jesse Buckingham, CEO & co-founder

Vooma launched Vooma Quote: an email quoting visibility and automation tool for brokers and carriers. Vooma Quote gives companies the data to make better strategic decisions, and helps reps quote and win more freight. Message [email protected] to learn more.

BrokerPro (Booth #708)
Presented by Joe McAlpin, CEO, and Josh Asbury, COO
Infinity Software Solutions, the creator of the BrokerPro TMS, announced a new product designed for freight brokers that allows them to seamlessly incorporate geolocation data into all aspects of the load lifecycle. BrokerPro will now be able to integrate with and ingest massive data sets — proactively providing artificial intelligence for each load.

Lean Solutions Group (Booth #400) & Isometric Technologies (Booth #820)
Presented by Alfonso Quijano, CTO (LSG), and Brian Cristol, CEO and co-Founder (ISO)

Lean Solutions Group (LSG) and Isometric Technologies (ISO) announced their strategic partnership to leverage industry-wide service data for brokerage customers. This partnership is set to make costs of service predictable and to drive process automation for customers.


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