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JANUARY 31, 2020 – ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the voice of third-party logistics, has granted 39 logistics professionals the designation of Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) – the 3PL industry’s premier and most widely-recognized designation.

“As an HR professional working in the logistics industry, I have gained some understanding of the transportation and logistics world from my co-workers and being involved in the business,” said recent CTB graduate Erica Wertanen of Automated Logistics Systems. “However, I never had the framework from the ground up – this course grew my knowledge immensely and gave me that foundation. It has increased my confidence to engage in conversations and it has earned me additional respect from my fellow logistics team members. I am very happy that I am now certified!”

The CTB designation allows brokers to differentiate themselves within the marketplace by demonstrating core competencies in three tested sections: basic 3PL and business skills; contracts and pricing; and regulatory environment and legal issues. Individuals must take a comprehensive examination – passing all three sections to successfully earn the CTB designation.

“The Certified Broker Program allows Blakeman Staff to get the foundational/baseline knowledge to provide our client and customer base with insightful, meaningful and consultative reasoning, that is credible and sound as it pertains to their goods being moved,” said Matt Moore, General Manager, at Blakeman Transport. “The Certified Broker Program/Test is the backbone to giving our staff the expert knowledge needed to service the industry and client base with above and beyond expertise.”

To learn more about the Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) certification, please click here.

TIA congratulates the following logistics professionals who received their CTB designation in December 2019:

Adrienne Abatie, CTB – Pale Horse Logistics LLC
Ryan Benis, CTB – LDK Logistics, Inc.
Amanda Bixler, CTB – PartnerShip LLC.
Carolyn J. Boyle, CTB – Land Link Traffic Systems
Kelsey Brecht, CTB – R+L Global Logistics
Hayes Crouse, CTB – Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Alison DeBoer, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
Brittany Ann Edmiston, CTB – Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Rick Fath, CTB – Reckart Logistics, Inc.
Robert Greene, CTB – DSV Road Inc.
Braden Hammond, CTB – Reckart Logistics, Inc.
Louise Howie, CTB – Choptank Transport
Jocelyn Itsamary Inestroza, CTB – Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Jessica Marie Judson, CTB – Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Nikola Maric, CTB – C.A.T. Global
Larry Maynor, CTB – Metro Trailer
Lucas McComas, CTB – Triple T Transport
John M. McConnell, CTB – Great Plains Trucking
Charles D. Mclanis, CTB – Universal Traffic Service
Thomas Messer, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
Eric Moore, CTB – Choptank Transport
Jena M. O’Neill, CTB – TMSI Logistics
Matthew Patterson, CTB – Sunrise Logistics Inc.
Gary Phillips, CTB – Right Growth Management
Rod J. Pierce, CTB – Eagle Transportation, LLC Pierce Agency
Laine Poole, CTB – McLeod Software
Jeffrey M. Rinehart, CTB – UCW Logistics
Jeremy M. Rogers, CTB – Pride Transport Inc.
Chad O. Smith, CTB – Parish Transport Logistics
Ethan Edward Smithers, CTB – Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Hannah Sorrell, CTB – McLeod Software
David Stemm, CTB – Loadsmith
Jesse Stewart, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
Brandi N. Teague, CTB – Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Mackenson Osner Thimote, CTB – Paramount Transportation
Chris Verzella, CTB – Stett Transportation
George W. Voorhis, CTB – Brent Redmond Logistics
Erica Wertanen, CTB – Automated Logistics Systems
Joseph Williams, CTB – RLS Logistics

In addition to sponsoring the examination, TIA offers a 12-week CTB Online Study Course. The course entails rigorous study for individuals preparing for the CTB examination. Please visit tianet.org to learn more about TIA’s CTB program.

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