TIA Grants CTB Designation to 42 Logistics Professionals

Alexandria, VA (May 9, 2023) – The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals, today announced 42 logistics professionals have received the professional designation of Certified Transportation Broker (CTB). The CTB is the third-party logistics industry’s most widely recognized designation and is earned after a rigorous four-month course and comprehensive examination.

“We are so proud of our 42 CTB graduates. The exam is a challenging one, and these professionals showcased their industry knowledge and expertise,” said Anne Reinke, TIA President & CEO. “They are a credit to the TIA as well as to their own employers and are a testament to how committed our membership is to lifetime learning.”

“Education is a key part of TIA’s value to members. The popularity of the CTB course has been very strong over the years, and there are 42 new graduates in the first trimester of 2023,” added Mark Christos, TIA Board of Directors Chair. “We were pleased to see a 57% first time pass rate, which is very high, so a special congratulations to this group. There are now more than 3,000 industry professionals who are CTB. Logistics professionals with CTB designation thoroughly understand how to properly manage freight brokerage business activities to help assure quality for stakeholders.”

TIA congratulates the following logistics professionals for receiving their CTB designation following their successful completion of the 2023 First Trimester CTB examination:

  • Liza Ann Apolito, CTB | Bedrock Logistics
  • Devesh Awlekar, CTB | Svojas Inc.
  • Tyler Battle, CTB | Evans Transportation Services, Inc.
  • Michael Beczkalo, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Lauren Buck, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Josh Contreras, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Cesar Cuetara, CTB | Geodis
  • Sarah M. Darnell, CTB | One Source Logistics LLC
  • Drew Dunn, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Michael Eberl, CTB | Customodal Inc.
  • Cole Fiveash, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Robert Scott Gaynor, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Amber Hanley Gillett, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Tracy K. Harris, CTB | R + L Global Logistics
  • Nick Heisterkamp, CTB | American Group, LLC
  • Bobby Hill, CTB | TLD Logistics Services, Inc.
  • Cassandra Holland, CTB | Agricultural Logistics
  • Scott Jandacek, CTB | LinkEx
  • Erica Kahlan, CTB | Compass Global Logistics
  • William C. Krivickas, CTB | American Group, LLC
  • Olha Kuchmenko, CTB | Paramount Transportation Logistics Services, LLC
  • Justin Lamb, CTB | TLD Logistics
  • Brian Lucia, CTB | Shaker Logistics
  • Anthony Magee, CTB | InterCity Direct LLC
  • Kevin C. McConaughy, CTB | Keller Freight Solutions
  • Matthew Morgan, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  • Lance Oberlin, CTB | Direct Connect Logistix, Inc.
  • Kurt Ottosen, CTB | The ILS Company LLC
  • Shane Patterson, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Meaghan Phillips, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  • Olivia J. Pointer, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Josh Rivers, CTB | Evans Transportation Services, Inc.
  • Carlos Rodriguez, CTB | Terra Express Logistics Corp
  • Carla Bay Rumford, CCP, CTB | BM2 Freight Services
  • Matthew D. Seward, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  • Reid Matthew Shipton, CTB | Bahler Transportation Services, Inc
  • CJ Sims, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Chase Sinclair, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  • Elizabeth Stachelski, CTB | JBS Logistics
  • Richard T. Tice, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  • Ricardo Valdez, CTB | Tucker Company Worldwide
  • Benjamin Lee Webster, CTB | Bedrock Logistics

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