TIA Announces Initial Round of Q3 2020 CTB Graduates

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 – ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the voice of third-party logistics, announced today that two logistics professionals were granted the designation of Certified Transportation Broker (CTB). The CTB is the 3PL industry’s premier and most widely recognized designation, and is earned after a rigorous three-month course and comprehensive examination.

TIA congratulates the following logistics professionals on receiving the CTB designation following their passing of the comprehensive CTB examination administered on September 26, 2020:

Garrick J Boyle, CTB | Right Growth Management 

Mario Segrt, CTB | Invio Freight LLC

“The CTB study course will unquestionably help further your career as a transportation broker and will increase your knowledge of the industry dramatically,” said CTB Graduate William Burns, Owner of Devote Dispatchers. “I would recommend that anyone who is looking to be a leader or just improve as a broker take this course. It is worth every penny!”

TIA’s CTB allows brokers to gain a competitive edge and set themselves apart with the 3PL industry’s leading professional designation. The knowledge attained through the CTB allows brokers to stand out from their peers and industry competitors with credible and sound reasoning to help their client and customer base move their goods cost-effectively and efficiently.

Registration for the Q4 2020 CTB Course is open now. In addition to sponsoring the CTB Examination, TIA also offers an in-depth, 12-week CTB Online Study Course, which can be used by course participants to further prepare for the comprehensive CTB examination. Please visit TIA online to learn more about the CTB program.

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