TIA Recognizes 43 Logistics Professionals with CTB Designation

Alexandria, VA (August 31, 2023) – The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals, announced that 43 logistics professionals have received the professional designation of Certified Transportation Broker (CTB). The CTB is the third-party logistics industry’s most widely recognized designation and is earned after a rigorous four-month course and comprehensive examination.

“Congratulations to the 43 graduates who received their CTB designation in Trimester 2! The achievement earned by each of these logistics professionals is direct evidence of their commitment to continuing education as well as to their companies and the industry as a whole,” said CTB Committee Chairman Mark Fiorini, CTB. “The CTB Committee remains dedicated to constant improvement of the course, so we will continue to recruit star performers from each Trimester to add value to our efforts through their expertise.”

TIA congratulates the following logistics professionals for receiving their CTB designation following their successful completion of the 2023 Second Trimester CTB examination:

  1. Abbie Moulton, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  2. Andrew Bellenger, CTB | McLeod Software
  3. Bernard Benson, CTB | McLeod Software
  4. Bobby Mack, CTB | Brokerage And Transportation Sales
  5. Brandon Aukamp, CTB | Sunrise Logistics, Inc.
  6. Christopher Mejia, CTB | RFT Logistics LLC
  7. Christopher Stollings, CTB | DRT Transportation
  8. Connor S. Jones, CTB | Somerset Logistics
  9. Crystal Payne, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  10. Dan Reisman, CTB | Mohawk Global
  11. Daniel Wood, CTB | Border Brokers INC.
  12. Dominic Perrone, CTB | D&L Transport
  13. Earl Putz, CTB | Warren Specialized Logistics
  14. Fabiola T Estrada, CTB | Blakeman Transportation INC
  15. Garrett Doolittle, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  16. Jason Horton, CTB | Agricultural Logistics
  17. Jeremy Messing, CTB | Roadready Transfer Service
  18. Jessica Meloche, CTB | Trinet Global Logistics
  19. Jon Reynolds, CTB | United Transportation Services
  20. Joseph Schulze, CTB | McLeod Software, Inc.
  21. Julia Spanfelner, CTB | Amodei Logistics, Inc.
  22. Justin Concoby, CTB | Trans 58
  23. Karina Kordalewska, CTB | DSV Road Inc
  24. Kevin S. Clougherty, CTB | Parish Transport Logistics
  25. Kevin Simons, CTB | RFX | REFE
  26. Lauryn Hayes, CTB | Southland Transportation
  27. Lee Drummond, CTB | Keller Logistics
  28. Manuel Martinez III, CTB | United Transportation Service, Inc
  29. Matt Riley, CTB | Southland Transportation
  30. Michael Laydon Sheffield, CTB | B.R. Williams
  31. Mitchell Weaver, CTB | Sunrise Logistics, Inc.
  32. Paige Murphy, CTB | Blakeman Transportation Inc.
  33. Robert Balsam, CTB | ROAR Logistics
  34. Robert F. Haag, CTB | Perfect Logistics, LLC
  35. Sean Flanagan, CTB | Somerset Logistics
  36. Sean Lowry, CTB | FLS Transportation
  37. Stephanie Lee Keeton, CTB | Idaho Truck Service
  38. Thomas Estrella, CTB | Estrella Logistics
  39. Tj Mosbach, CTB | Travero Logistics
  40. Tyler Prince, CTB | United Transportation Services, Inc
  41. Van Carlisle, CTB | McLeod Software
  42. Wes Welbron, CTB | Prosponsive Logistics
  43. Zachary Calvert, CTB | PowerPath Transportation, LLC

Registration for CTB Trimester 3 closes on September 11. Register at https://www.tianet.org/course-ctb/.

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