TIA Awards 34 Logistics Professionals Coveted Professional Designation

3PL Professionals Commit to a Culture of Excellence with the CTB Designation

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APRIL 15, 2020 – ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the voice of third-party logistics, announced today that 34 logistics professionals were granted the designation of Certified Transportation Broker (CTB). The CTB is the 3PL industry’s premier and most widely recognized designation, and is earned after a rigorous three-month course and comprehensive examination

“The CTB study course will unquestionably help further your career as a transportation broker and will increase your knowledge of the industry dramatically,” said CTB Graduate William Burns, Owner of Devote Dispatchers. “I would recommend that anyone who is looking to be a leader or just improve as a broker take this course. It is worth every penny!”

TIA’s CTB professional designation allows brokers to differentiate themselves within the marketplace by demonstrating core competencies in three tested sections to include 3PL basics and business basic skills, contracts and pricing, and regulatory environment and legal issues.

TIA congratulates the following logistics professionals on receiving the CTB designation following their passing of the comprehensive CTB examination administered on March 28, 2020:

  • Dane Edward Adams, CTB – Visible Supply Chain Management
  • Michael Arcaro, CTB – PartnerShip
  • Kelsey Bockenstedt, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
  • Richard R. Bolman, CTB – Keller Freight Solutions
  • Keirsa G. Buckingham, CTB – Choptank Transport
  • Alexis Burke, CTB – Blue Line Logistics
  • Gregory D. Childs, CTB – ODW Logistics
  • Brian Covington, CTB – C&L Logistics, Inc.
  • Roxanne Dalton, CTB – Third Coast Logistics
  • Joseph Michael DeAngelo, CTB – InterCity Direct, LLC
  • Susan Donohue, CTB – Westgate Global Logistics
  • Michael Dudzinski, CTB – ODW Logistics & Transportation Services – LTS
  • Casey J. Emberg, CTB – Trans 58
  • Travis Garcia, CTB – Syfan Logistics
  • Adam Gilmore, CTB – Trans 58
  • Madison Goas, CTB – Tucker Company Worldwide
  • April Gray, CTB – WOW Logistics Company
  • Allison Hines, CTB – Chaine, Inc.
  • Adam R. Hunnicutt, CTB – Gentle Giant Logistics, LLC
  • Jamie D. Hunt, CTB – CTE Logistics
  • Michael Lafreniere, CTB – ILG Logistics
  • Andy Le, CTB – Shipwell, Inc.
  • Clayton Dean McConnell, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions / RT&T Logistics
  • Makenzie McGowan, CTB – Kinetic Supply Chain
  • Gerald Morsovillo, CTB – ILG Logistics
  • Zachary Naquin, CTB – NT Logistics, Inc.
  • Nathaniel Neary-Orne, CTB – Accurate Logistics Group
  • Danielle Negueloua, CTB – Johanson Transportation Service
  • Haley E. Oster, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
  • Taylor Schreiber, CTB – Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
  • Gregory W. Tamm, CTB – UTS
  • Katie Tillman, CTB – CTE Logistics
  • Mahala Wilson, CTB – Wilson Logistics
  • Cameron Zipp, CTB – Gulf Coast Logistics

In addition to sponsoring the CTB Examination, TIA also offers an in-depth, 12-week CTB Online Study Course, which can be used by course participants to further prepare for the comprehensive CTB examination. Please visit TIA online to learn more about the CTB program.

TIA is the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals in North America and abroad. Membership at TIA adds value to your business and provides resources for growth.
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