TIA Congratulates 2023 Trimester 3 Graduates

[Alexandria, Va., Jan. 3, 2024] — The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) – the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce – congratulates the latest graduates of the Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) program.

“131 TIA members successfully earned their CTB credential in 2023,” said Anne Reinke, president & CEO of TIA. “Year after year, we have TIA members who want to advance their skillset and knowledge of the 3PL industry to serve their customers and their businesses to the best of their ability. We are so proud of these individuals who really demonstrate that TIA members are the best brokers bar none.”

TIA’s CTB program is the only program available to transportation and freight brokerage professionals designed to increase business acumen, improve operational and sales skills and better manage risk.  The comprehensive program challenges professionals across the landscape of the 3PL operational spectrum. A CTB designation is the highest broker certification that exists and is widely recognized among 3PLs.

“Congratulations to the 46 graduates who received their CTB designation in Trimester 3,” said Mark Fiorini, president of Westgate Global Logistics and chairman of the CTB Committee. “The achievement earned by each of these logistics professionals is direct evidence of their commitment to continuing education as well as to their companies and the industry. The CTB Committee remains dedicated to constant improvement of the course, so we will continue to recruit star performers from each Trimester to add value to our efforts through their expertise.’

Congratulations to the following Trimester Graduates:

Aidan B. West, CTB, Drayage Logistics

Alejandro Arboleda Orrego, CTB, Logistics Freight Solutions Inc dba PRIMO

Alexander Dugan, CTB, Johanson Transportation Service

Alicia Holbrook, CTB, Keller Freight Solutions

Amy L Lewis, CTB, Agricultural Logistics

Andrew Fleming, CTB, Southland Transportation

Bailey M. Brown, CTB, Transport Logistics, Inc

Ben Waivol, CTB, Southern Reins Logistics

Blake Walker, CTB, Southland Transportation

Brian D. Bruck, CTB, LTI Delivers, Inc.

Chad F. Everett, CTB, Southland Transportation

Christina A. Sanchez, CTB, Genpro Inc.

Dallas Lee, CTB, Overdrive Logistics Inc

Danielle K. Prell, CTB, Travero Logistics

David Hoenig, CTB, ILG Logistics

Dustin Kaye, CTB, WHY Logistics

Eliza Stanton, CTB, CTE Logistics

Erik Robert Ransom, CTB, Premier Logistics Partners, LLC.

Fredo Rocha, CTB, Prosponsive Logistics

Genessis Ortiz, CTB, Roar Logistics

Ingrid Johana Marin, CTB, Cargo Dynamics LLC

Jack Howard, CTB, Idaho Truck Service

James Na’eem Gardner, CTB, The Rock Logistics Group LLC

Jennifer Mosher, CTB, Travero Logistics

Jessica Jordan, CTB, JC Transport, LLC

Jon Pennington, CTB, Intercity Direct LLC

Joni Long, CTB, Travero Logistics

Joshua Cody Anderson, CTB, Bluewater Logistics Group LLC

Judson Alan Halbrooks, CTB, McLeod Software

Kathryn Leigh White, CTB, DRT Transportation

Katrina Harris, CTB, Gateway Logistics Inc.

Landon A. Gentry, CTB, Southland Transportation Company

Laurel Powers, CTB, ILG Logistics

Mandisa Mosi Bell, CTB, Geodis

Matt Ricciuti, CTB, United Transportation Services, Inc

Melissa Bailey, CTB, Riverside Logistics

Nathan W. Crites, CTB, Agricultural Logistics

Nicole Mirowski, CTB, ILG Logistics

Paige Holst, CTB, LTI Delivers, Inc.

Paul O. Stewart, CTB, Secure Domestic Logistics LLC

Prabhdeep Brar, CTB, GSR Brokerage Inc.

Robert Dresker, CTB, DSG Logistics

Blake West, CTB, Drayage Logistics

Tharus Nixon, CTB, Road Warriors Unlimited LLC

Tia Jean Gruenstern, CTB, WOW Logistics

William Maddox, CTB, Mcleod Software


For more information on the CTB, visit https://www.tianet.org/course-ctb/. The 2024 Trimester 1 begins on Jan. 8.


About TIA:

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the professional organization of the $232 billion third-party logistics industry. TIA is the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce. TIA is the voice of transportation intermediaries to shippers, carriers, government officials, and international organizations. Learn more about TIA at www.tianet.org.



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